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Great item description on ebay


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Hmm, SWEEEEET KW, I love A models, and a well thought out b.s. cancelling disclaimer in the ad, I think I might call just to see if he'll take an out of state check for $5000 under asking price.

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finally a truck on here that's with in a 175 miles of home . love the rant to bad he lives so close to seattle, if he was a little further n.e. his blood pressure would be lower!!! nice a model kw have a local guy in town with one like it even same paint scheme and colors but with a kt under the hood, I don't know if dave would let me take pictures of it if I told him where I was going to post then lol

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Only thing I think i'd do different, would be to change over to a 6X4 or 5X4 trans. THEN it truly would be a "man's truck" LOL!............................................Mark

And disconnect the Power Steering and A/C. ;)

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