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  1. "Truck Drivin' Man" (pick an artist ) Although some might prefer the Buck Owens version, I really like this version done by Redd Volkaert.
  2. I believe 1984 was the first of the "B" series, but only as a 4 cylinder. The 6B came along later. I'm thinking somewhere around 1986.
  3. Saw this tandem dump while cruising through Chester Hill, PA on my motorsickle about two weeks ago.
  4. This is not mine! I'm not even sure if anyone would be interested, but it's Mack parts. http://pennstate.craigslist.org/hvo/5147916195.html Before it was stripped more: http://www.truckplanet.com/for-sale/Trucks-Winch-2007-Mack-CV713-T%2FA-Winch-Truck-Pennsylvania/580873
  5. Took two years and a new (cooperative) shop manager, but here's an update..... The owner wants to resurrect his Superliner and will eventually sell it. From what I can tell, it was built in 11/82 and is an RWS788LST. Transmission appears to be an Eaton 13 speed and the rears are Mack on Reyco spring suspension. The engine is definitely a 6 cylinder Mack, but I didn't get to see it. The hood is on top of a 40' container on the other side of the shop. Here's a few more pictures:
  6. I wondered where that C model got to. It sat at a place on Clyde Avenue in State College, PA for years.
  7. These pictures recently surfaced on a Facebook group for my local area. The truck was in service at CH&L in the 70's/80's and was notorious for shedding the driveshaft when the rookies got behind the wheel. I grew up a few houses away from the Milesburg firehouse and remember it well. Some of the replies claim it to be a 1949 L model, but I was almost certain it was an EH? (I know it's not an L model) New - with the Alpha Fire Company in State College, PA: At Citizens Hook & Ladder in Milesburg, PA: Current whereabouts unknown.
  8. Craigslist LINK Text from listing: "1985 Mack with a Wild Side conversion. Truck is titled and licensed as an RV. Motor is a 300 turned up to a 350.Motor and rear both have less than 100K on them. Has a 5 speed transmission, which sometimes has trouble going into reverse, otherwise runs and drives great! Unit sleeps 8 comfortably, has dual a/c units very cold, also lots of storage. Bathroom almost finished just needs plumbed yet. selling for $16000 FIRM. Sorry NO trades , and we do not accept Paypal." Contact Chris at seven won seven 99 for 2 ate 9 ate
  9. I try to watch The Beverly Hillbillies every morning on MeTV. Here in my neighborhood it's on at 6:30AM ~ right after Petticoat Junction.
  10. You guys got skillz! I had over 100 built models about 30 years ago and later "lost" most of them to a young son. (he thought he could make them better ) I built a few truck models later in life - including an Autocar dump, GMC General, W900 KW, the red R model with lowboy & Cat dozer, etc., but they suffered the same fate as my older cars. There's still a few floating around that I saved (hid) and I do have a recent unfinished "quick build" of the latest release of the R model. It doesn't hold a candle to anything pictured here, but this is my plastic pup: There's a few new-in-the-box kits in the closet - including an Italeri "American Superliner" - that I'll get to if my shipment of 'roundtuit ever comes in.
  11. GM (Delco) also had a few vertical radio models. I remember grabbing one out of a junkyard Chevy Citation a long time ago. Here's one on eBay: click here
  12. Don't see this done very often. The 8Ncredible LSR tractor: CLICKY LINK
  13. A little internet snooping: http://www.westernpapullers.com/photos.html
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