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Superliners for sale


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I have an 85 and 88 both with V8's

overall condition of the cabs is excellent with no rust and recent paint

Both had modifications done to the engines and were used for pulling. The 88 max'd a dyno out at 1100HP. The work on injectors, pump, turbo, and heads was done by Trevitz.

The 85 is a Superliner I with V8, Mack 10spd, Mack rears on air. A/C was just updated, new clutch, and driveline work. It has electric fans installed. I have a new radiator to install in it. Has a new front bumper.

Interior is in fair original condition.

The 88 is a Superliner II with V8, Mack 18spd, BL 4000lb clutch(with spare) Hendrickson air with Rockwell lockers. A/C and factory fan and shroud just added.

Interior is in good original condition

Wet Kit


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No the one in Yakima was the 88. And yes Mike I did find something better.............that big Valueliner from Australia. I will probably end up keeping the 88 as I just have too much money into it and it is great running truck and fun to drive. The other truck I am really enjoying is that MH with a V8 that I picked up awhile back. I have cleaned it up, repainted it and at just over 200k original miles it is another sweet ride. The 85 Superliner has had a lot of work done to it and the engine runs strong. I just have too damn many other projects and limited storage space. When I got the two Superliners I was intending on using them both for pulling the drop decks for going to the truck shows. This would be easier on my old time helpers too. But my long time guys that help me are just getting too damn tired to go to shows and both are in their mid 70's.

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Anyone remember a Superliner from perhaps NJ that was on ebay in the last few months with supposedly less than 200k miles and with a V8? it was a green color?

I don't remember seeing it but someone is claiming it went for a real cheap price.

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what is the 88? RW? 713,613?

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