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Another tire ? 11r24.5 steer tires


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I stopped at the shop doing the repairs on the General. Everything is going well but he asked if I had planned on replacing the front tires since they are showing some dry rot after sitting for 8 years and age. I didn't think there were overly that bad but blowing a front tire is not something I want to experience.

I see Triangle tires on eBay for $265 and the place is in NJ. They claim Triangle are one of the best tire company's rated like Goodyear and Michelin. I have my doubts because I know nothing about them. I have read the Chinese tires don't have good reviews. Lots of out of round issues etc. Anyone have any experience with these or have any good brand tire recommendations and cheap places to buy from?

I am planning on calling Edwards Tire in Wall MJ tomorrow to get an idea of price on a pair of General steer tires for the obvious reason, their Generals. I have a feeling I am looking at $500 each though.

Google turns up a load of tire websites but I have to contact them for price quotes. Pretty ridiculous.

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I priced Bridgestone R280's National account and out the door to see how much I would save going Nat. 506.17 and if not mistaken 517 out the door just walk in. Generals idk how much less. Could try Toyo got a friend that swears by them. Sumitomo. Another had 385's on his truck abnd they wore better then the bridgestones I had. I have run dyanatracs and thought they did pretty good on the drives. No complaints only reason they came off was I put all new drives on.

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If you are only running as a hobby truck start looking for a decent used set of steer tires, the ones you have will last awhile if you take it easy. Check CL and any reputable tire shop. I bought 22.5 tubless all 4 new recaps (still had the stickers) for $150 because from a guy that was getting out of trucking.

My two cents

I ran bald or close to it 10.00 x 20 tubes on my B until I found these ones, they held air, must have been 30 + years old. I made sure they were properly inflated and didn't let them get to hot, I came back from a 15 mile drive in 100+ degrees and the tires smelled like I had been doing burn outs. LOL


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We got 12R24.5 Goodyears on the front of the superliner and it really fills in the fenders and gives it a nice look. they weren't too badly priced and we haven't had any trouble with them. Theyre are going to be up around $500+ each.

Just got a price on them,best my guy could do is 600,I have 50,000 miles on mine now and thats on a dump truck,no problems at all.JT take a look at the continentals also there great on the front nice and wide,at about 550 each for the 12.00

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I've bought 10 new Chinese 11R24.5's right about a month ago.

They were $400 apiece, any better-named brand would be twice expensive.

They're not Triangle's but Aeolus.

Have just two steers of them fitted and got a bit more out of balance and a bit out of round as I waited.

There were no chances to get used 24.5's here so I found no other way.

By the word there are lots of truckers who use those China products overhere and the most of them say tires work good but wore out earlier than a good-branded stuff. You should take into account many people here use to overweight vehicles and the roads are mostly far from to be perfect.

As for me I spent a bunch of green stuff to get the wheel set and wasn't glad having issues with the steers.

If I do it now I'd buy two Bridgestones/Continentals to the front and use China's at the rear.

Although I've newer had any experience with truck tires and have no ideas how good ones might be better.

I tried to drive my R with those new fronts and noted nothing wrong at about 65 though.

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I called the shop. They have cooper RM185 steer tires for $450 + $50 for mount and balance each. Woof! Just as I expected.

I think I need to up my sales this month so I can get some tires. I'd rather go new for the fronts than used just for the safety reasons.


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those arent Coopers, theyre Roadmasters, read the fine print they are engineered by Cooper, I am running Bridgestone 11R24.5's up front and Toyo's out back, I know the cheap tires are tempting but they will dryrot faster than anything else the compound sucks. I am with some of the other guys, go to your local tire shops and tell them you are looking for some take off 11R24'5 steer tires if you can get some with 6+ 32nds for cheap go for it, tey will dry rot before you wear them out its just not worth it to buy a new tire for a truck that sits more than it runs there are guys pulling tires off everyday to get new ones to stay legal you can find some decent take offs. Hell someone on here may let you at ther next set of steers they pull if you put an add in the wanted section for used 11 R24.5 steer tires with 6/32nds or more. I got my drives used they all had 6+ 32nds and I paid $100 ea, cant beat that when I only run this Superliner 2000 miloes a year, now if I start running it on the road to work Ill go buy some new drives but not to sit.

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Those coopers are good tires..buy them with confidence. made in usa also.

the dynatrac rs330+ is a michelin clone and is what i use for steers on my tractors. I have used those coopers but they are hard to find here.

Also I prefer 16ply for the fronts.. a few dollars more but seem to wear better.

Double Coin, Aeolus, Triangle, Dynatrac, Samson... I think they are all made by the same chinese tire company.. Dont be afraid of these tires, they see roads alot worse than we have here in the states.. china, africa, south america,,

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If he can get to whereever I decide to get tires next I will have 8 11R24.5's coming off. 6 Firestones and 2 others. had to mount a spare and buy a used tire that is almost brand new. Problem you will have unless you deal with these peopl is A you'll probably never get them to mount a used tire on a Steer. If they do it is by sheer luck

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if just for a show truck or spare truck you can regroove some take off steer casings fairly cheep. just spent 702.00 today on a steer for a toyo m320 12r22.5 16 ply. mounted out the door with 15.00 bucks worth of equal inside. and they said I might get 10 -20 bucks for my casing. It was flat spotted from being out of balance or I would have had it regrooved

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