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1978 FORD LN8000 wrecker

Charlie Hatfield

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1978 Ford LN8000 Ford wrecker

1160 Cat motor

RT610 transmission

19121 5.43 ratio Eaton diff

Model 34 Tulsa Winch custom built wrecker bed

113037 miles second owner

Located in Louisville, KY

$5000.00 always been inside when not used

No rust and in real good shape

Contact Charlie Hatfield if interested

502-939-8883 cell and text



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When I need a hook, I prefer to see old iron roll in to drag me back...equipment that has already paid for itself several times over. Sure, those new rigs with all of the unnecessary bells & whistles look sharp going down the road...but they usually have notes attached to them, and for as often as they roll down the road, those notes are reflected in the rates. I've never paid more than $100/hour for a heavy duty wrecker, but I've talked to some drivers who thought they got a bargain at twice that rate, though.

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When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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Come to Conn . the price is 275.00 Hour. Porthole to port hole .and they want cash . Ozzy Osborn's driver had to take a groopy back to New Haven Ct . Well he missed the off ramp . That cost Mister Ozzborn 98000.00 to get unit out . They should just rounded off to 100000,00 Sunoco oil rolled tank trailer 3 hours later 28000.00 they get with multi uint and support vehicles with lights and personnel And those are the real numbers.That why i use PLUNSKES that s one call shop and the job is done wright . They have 40 Plus units Ive delt 35 + years with family. :clap:


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