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Update Work done so far on my new R Model

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Thanks for the responses, I used gloss black enamel paint but it does not hold up well long term from fade and wear that's why I was wondering about anyone that used a urethane type paint on the tanks and fenders to see if it holds up or not worth the effort.

The rust is only in the outer door panel and is repairable, I have been looking for a door as it would be easier since I have to take the door apart because I am going to redo the channel and the inside door latch is not working right.

I am planning on using rhino liner on the back of the cab below the window and across the lower 8" of the door and rockers. You can different colors so it should look good and wear well.


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I am doing my frame in urethane automotive gloss black once I finish wire wheeling it. It should hold up well for a few years. The body guy a few shops down from me is going to hook me up with his spray gun and mix the paint for me.

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