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Nice one Chuck!! thanks for posting,the box forward of the battery box is just a step as far as I know,someplace to stand while cleaning the windshield..............................................Mark

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I captured this beauty at our local truck show in Florham Park, NJ.

It looks like it was a fresh restoration. The truck hails from Milford, PA. Top notch stuff!

On a side note, I never realized the function of the diamond-plate box between the front tire and battery box. It looks like it is just a fancy step or did it support the air tanks as well?

They are mainly just a fancy stepand hood fender but some hadair tanks in the them. The truck belongs to Rich Muis(forgive me if I spelled it wrong). My RS had fiberglass fenders on it new but I put the aluminum steps on because the look fancier. On the FS and FLs the fender did act as a step to enter the cab.

Thanks,Josh :clock_logo::SMOKIE-LFT:

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That is a sweet ride, I like the look of those long hood R's

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Rich Muys. Good guy. He is into V8 Macks. He bought the CF719 off oldmacktrucks.com. It is serial number 9 out of 14 made. It has a twin turbo 864 in it. He also has a CF795 or something like that with an 865 or 866 in it. He plans on using the motors in other projects eventually. Mike

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