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Donald Costin Wenham, MA

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As some of you are aware, Donald P. Costin of Wenham, Mass. passed away recently after a brief battle with cancer. Don was a Mack truck enthusiast for many years and was well known about the circuit with his characteristic fedora, sport jacket, tie and leather vest. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He had served his community in many capacities and was a lover of history and things historic. At the time of his death, Don had several Mack trucks that I will be assisting the estate to find new homes. We have to wait until the appointment of the executor before sales can be made but I anticipate that in the very near future. His trucks, at the time of his death, were:

Three Mack CF's, two pumpers and one aerialscope, one B-42X dump truck and one 1976 DM800 that was a mixer made into a platform wrecker.

I will be posting detailed information about these trucks when the court approves their sale.

If you would like to be notified by email, please message me with your email address.


Paul Romano

Sanbornville, NH

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I am very sorry to hear of Mr. Costin's passing. I first met him at South Bend where I was manning the Classic White Truck Group booth. He saw a White mustang hood ornament I had on display and asked to buy it. I told him to come back on the last day of the show and he could get it. I sold it to him for his collection. I then met him again in West Springfield at the ATHS show. He was a class act. RIP, Mr Costin.

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