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  1. I have more pics but they wont load. maybe to big?
  2. Sorry I didnt write down any prices. Mr Hancock i dont know what you look like or i would have said hi. I have seen you on this board with great input for quite a few years now. I think quite a few trucks and parts went to my town also as Daryl Gushee seemed to be buying a lot.
  3. Yes I went. Picked up a old DM800. Dont quite know what i got till i get it home But the double frame was excellent with no spread , 65k rears, mack motor and trans. Over all the prices were dirt cheap in my opinion. Tons of mack trucks over a hundrred. Most sold bor $250 - $1500. I paid $950 for the DM. There we a lot of Mack people Ive seen over the years there trying to grab what they could. It was a nice day and lots of deals.
  4. Vlad , congratulations ! I will never be sad again to see a Mack get exported from the US. I didn't take into consideration there are other people in this world that love Macks. Have fun with it !
  5. I bought some Superliner parts this week from a man in Andover , N.H. His name is J.D. Mcleod he has some of the nicest Mack stuff as I have ever seen. Very nice man. I got a few cheap camera shots. Maybe someday I will go back and get some with a good camera. Sorry no matter what I try I cant get the site to let me upload them yet. I will try later. He also has a mint Superliner Dump I will put pics of that also. Just previewed post looks like it worked.
  6. Does anyone remember the "Howard Johnsons" along the Maine turnpike? They had fuel and restraunt , as a kid I thought they were good.
  7. Don't get to many truck stops , but will as we are going to start hauling a little freight. I did get to the I-80 truck stop last year with my daughter while we took a cross country trip. Very impressive for sure! Here is a pic of inside with my daughter standing in front of a truck on display in the accessories shop . If anyone gets up to Maine , Dysarts Truck Stop off of 95 near Bangor is a great place to eat and buy goodies for the truck. doug
  8. First Corbitt I had seen in person a couple of summers ago in northern Maine.
  9. Tim , what did u buy these trucks for? Do u do your own contracting business in winter? They look good.
  10. Get well soon superdog
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