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No, Vinny, I did not see any U models. Not surprisingly, it was a Pete and Ken show for the most part and the pics of the Macks that I did post were far and few between. Anyway, I'll post some of the many logging trucks that were present plus a few more that I thought might be of interest.


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I will need to re-size a few more. The Ford pickup in the set of photos above has a Hall-Scott in it. It was some tight fit and he had to build a small dog house in the cab to shoe horn it in. The red LJ also has a Hall-Scott in it and the green 1946 LF logging truck has the original single disk pump in it. The other LF logger (red) also belongs to the Hall Lumber people and it is a 1952. Both were in very nice original condition. Just a few more.





















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Seen the Pete Cabover with the big camper sleeper on it going East on 80 today pulling a step with something old on it. Bunch of old Iron going east. Even seen the B that I told Jay about sold oand on a trailer east. was walking the dog seen three trucks east bound 1 with a bunch of Mack cabs and parts,the rest either hauling old iron and 1 single axle make unknown looked burgandy pulling a trailer behind it.

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The mack cabs and hoods would be going to Superdog's. The blue and white Pete probably had a green Autocar on the stepdeck with a motorcycle?

you sir are correct. I did remember seeing the bike. and it was an Autocar.

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I hauled my Dads Oshkosh from Montana to the show with my old B model Mack single axle and brought it back from Brooks Or through Prineville and Hell's Canyon F.S.road 39, great drive with some hard pulls. loved the show, I see you have a picture of my truck, that's great , made my day.

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