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The Replacement is ready to roll!

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Well the RD has been replaced with a 1986 Autocar DK tri axle. 3406B Cat, 8LL o/d, 44k rears, 20k lift and 20k front

After getting it home it went into the shop and got the drive line went through, replacing all the bolt on yokes, updating them to the half round u-joints, the #1 drive shaft had to be rebuilt, new carrier bearing, female slip joint on #2 replaced and the jack shaft between the drives was replaced.

Pulled the pan to check the mains and rods and found them to be fairly new, not even wore through the first layer.

After returning home I started in on all the little things, like the new grill, hood mounts, greasing and CLEANING! Oh, and one full day spent with a buffer in my hand!

Here are some before and after pics.

before attachicon.gifautocar2.jpg attachicon.gifautocar.jpg

after attachicon.gifautocar wheels polished.jpg attachicon.gifautocar3.jpg attachicon.gifautocar lettering.jpg

Nice! Good Job on the buffer!!!!


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Im sorry to hear that waste, what a shame, a DM800 was stolen less than a 1/4 mile from my house a little while ago, hard to believe we have sub humans out there getting away with this shit.

yea. Last week, just to add insult, I received a ticket from ezpass. seems they ran the truck through the ez pass lane at the harriman toll both and then the toll at the tappan zee bridge.... hmmmm, wonder were it went...

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it was parked at my Dad's place, sitting 50' from my Aunt's trailer and 200' from his house, they had either been watching it or happened to see my Brother using it the day before,to know that it would start.

It was insured, but i allowed the ins. company to talk me into dropping the coverage down from 20k to 17k because they said that the truck was old and they wouldn't pay that much. They valued the truck at almost 24k!

The A-car is insured for 25k!

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never gave it a thought someone would want to steal a 27 yr old ugly dump truck!

I'm just glad I hadn't bought the new box and changed out the old 2 stick 6spd for a new 13spd.

I hope that the guy who drove it there pissed blood for a week!

BIG BIG market for them in Africa


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