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  1. Hi, I bought 8 tires from Stateline in NH, original 80% $300.00 each, I don't know how many they had left......Paul Roncetti
  2. So how many dogs do you have now Superdog?
  3. Do you have original box for shipping purposes to prevent damage?
  4. too many trucks, wasn't able get to see all of them, my pea brain was just too bedazzled at what I did see
  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you and you're family Ernie, don't give up ....Paul
  6. Hi Moose, My first dump truck when I was 16 was this same model, air brakes, CI engine etc, wish I still owned it......Paul
  7. I know Tom, good to fall back on but don't want to be doing it forever if you don't enjoy it.
  8. I figured you were working but there is no fun working a job you don't like. If you like what you're doing then its not work.
  9. I was in the industrial part in Cataumet but when I lost 3 men moved the machine shop back to E. Falmouth, My trucks are at another shop we work with in Mashpee.
  10. I think your right 84 as I am putting a bigger cab protector on it also. And the shop has two travelling 5 ton overhead cranes
  11. I can't do it myself but with a couple of my guys. The only thing I worry about is getting them off the body which can be a touchy situation. A number years back a kid down here had a one ton Ford dump truck and he got the big idea of changing the hydraulic hoses from the pump to the cylinder without blocking the body. I don't need to continue the story.
  12. Thanks, Is it better to give them the cylinders and let them do it or do it myself once I get the parts, Thanks, Paul
  13. Hi Tozzi, Do you think they would have the seals for the 3 telescoping piston for a Bristol Donald dump body? Thanks, Paul
  14. what color is the 5th wheel gonna be
  15. Hi 84superdog, I can understand lost interest, people wonder why I don't make "stuff" in my spare time in my machine shop. Didn't those Big Boys cost around 250K when they were built? Paul
  16. What about having a sheet metal shop just bend up some 3/8" X 1" OR 1 1/4" and drill 2 holes in to mount.
  17. The other thing 84superdog, I can't remember what I saw, but did the 2nd and 3rd driver wheels on each of the 4 x 4 arrangement on the Big Boys have no flanges to help take the curves? I knew they did that on a lot of the big east coast engines for the sharp curves out this way. I do have on my to do list, is set up my model train collection, LOL. I have 36 engines, American Flyer 3/16 scale which I think is the most realistic models ever built with the 2 track layout, not 3 like Lionel. These were built by A.C. Gilbert of New Haven, CT.
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