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  1. Latest is I am looking for a valve cover for the engine, Im told it is n ENDT 673. The valve covr on it is chome and its shot. So I would like to have it replated and not kepep a sheet of plastic over it for any amount of time. If anyone knows o one wants to sell it or loan it (obviously, it will be retured) drop me a line at smketrfdny@gail.com. thanks in advance
  2. Thank you. And if it wasn't for fdnytrucks,com and his BIG texts... LOL I wouldn't have it.
  3. Hey, I can admit when I am wrong.. No worries. But it took you NINE DAYS to comprehend this? Sharp as a marble, I see.... BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Yea. gonna strip the chrome off and redo it. IF it has to be blasted, I was told plastic media will let me keep gauges on pump panel and dashboard. Will remove them to rechrome if needed.
  5. Hey, Brothers. While I still have the 1980 CF (working on getting that shipped to PA), I was flipping through FB and a good friend of mine ( wont say his name, but it rhymes with FDNYTrucks.com...lol) going back and forth over a rig. I PM him and he tells me this rig is for sale. I join in, open my mouth, per se and say I would love to get it. Mike eggs me on and I make contact with the owner in California. Sight unseen, I bought it for $1500. Yea, yea, yea, I know.. lol Anyway this is the first CF made with an open cab (one of 13 engines and 1 ladder) and the first CF with a diesel ordered
  6. Brothers; I need a red 3 piece front bumper off an old CF mack used by fdny. Can also use a suction hose rack (3 rack) and a Federal Signal 12F lightbar.
  7. As usual , teabagger comes out when the argument is lost. While most politicians are hypocrites, liberals take the cake hands down. For example, that POS actress Sarandon and her puppet Robbins screaming how Bush was a war monger along with the rest of the Hollywood elite, yet SILENT on the horses ass in the wh chomping at the bit to bomb Syria. And it took a smart commie in Russia to make our dumb commie look even more stupid. So we can drone and kill Syrians because Assad is gassing an killing Syrians. As usual, its ok when a liberal does it. Ted Cruz is being questioned on his birth certifi
  8. Because Liberals have to play the race card. No other reason.
  9. As I am finding out. If you guys know of decent priced 10r20's, let me know. I need 6 for a 67 CF.
  10. Touche', my friend. Touche'. Lol
  11. Guard dogs, guns, locking things. Shame we have to even think like this. But we have to do what you have to do. Never owned a gun, fired one 3 times, but joined the NRA when those American hating liberals started sccrewing with the 2nd Amendment. Cant trust anyone these days. But 'life is much better than 50 years ago'. BS.
  12. Don't hold your breath on that, my friend.
  13. How are they holding up? Not many people are as brave as you with the stories about the quality.
  14. Phil, any luck with Google? I am in the same boat as you looking for hard to find 10R20 tires (tyres for you..lol). Hopefully you will have a better shot of luck searching than I am, but there are some awesome people hewre with knowledge and inside information,
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