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Chicago R models

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That's that truck I saw on i88 says Dale on the door he's got an alum Mac dump and a fairly new Pete also

I've seen the Pete a couple times coming out of Feltes. Nice looking 378 white with a blue stripe, but had not seen the

R-model. Both are sharp looking trucks.

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that's a sharp looking western.... love to color and alum wheels all the way around. Something about the little more aluminum trim really sets them apart from a standard R model. Must have been a tight fit with the 36" bunk on. I know my RS sitting at 206" is getting tight with a gen box on the nose of the trailer. I don't think I could safely pull a 53' refer unit with a bunk on back? When I hauled a race car transporter back from road America the Gen box would touch the pogo stick and that's where the end of my bunk would have been. I had to pull the stick out to get it home with no scratches on the box.....my 5th wheel was at 6" ahead of center.....

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Trent, I asked Dad about the truck and he was thinking it had roughly the same wheelbase as yours. Although with yours being

a long hood he might have had a little more frame behind the cab than you do. He said it was still tight though. He had roughly

6 inches between the bunk and reefer to turn, never had a problem with it but he did say there was no way to open the reefer

doors while he was hooked up. Had to drop the trailer if the reefer needed attention.

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