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Wasnt Somebody on Here Looking for a C model- Heres One

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Thats what I thought. I dont thnk the axles or the motor is original.

That's what I thought too. Good price on it too. Didn't even pay any attention to the engine at first, I assumed 673, and they say you should never assume anything. Oughta really tote the mail with that 300!

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I'm meeting this guy today on this truck,i could REALLY use it.

Be curious if it actually has a 300 in it. For $3000, the motor is worth that. Likely just a ENDT673C or such.

Would a 300 even lay over well enough to fit with all the plumbing??



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Damn exporters were trying to get it!Cab is rock solid with minor rust.All the mods were done correctly,nothing on the truck is hacked.Engine is a 300,but i believe the turbo/pump is off a lesser HP engine???He said something about 250 specs???I have to go back for the folder with all the info.I hope to have it on the road and working this summer.

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Yep! Sent him a email about 2 weeks ago! Its been sold and is in Indiana now!! And yes they are extremely hard to find... Thats why id like to add one to my collection, and or a b model sleeper! What ever you find would be great lol!


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