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  1. Looking good Rudy. Glad to see you stuck with it and didn't abandon your old B81
  2. I remember going to PA to get that B475. drove all night and all next day. sleep deprivation is a bitch hahah
  3. 237 in there is gonna make that a sweet rig to drive. just don't drive it like a maxidyne is meant to. I've been told the 72 series trans cant take the lugging like the 5 and 6 speeds put behind the maxidyne engines originally. looking good rudy!
  4. just imagine all the junk we could drag in with that lowboy
  5. I know of a few sets of frame rails i'd like to stick that 237 between
  6. looks like the shell, shutters, and bottoms of the fenders have been sectioned. I don't know if they messed with the cab or not. I think it is the angle of the pic. shell and shutters are definitely sectioned. probably around 4"
  7. I hate to say it but the only thing that appeals to me in the spec sheet is the fact that it has a 237. Other than that it's an Allison trans and Timken rears with a Hendrickson suspension. Like Maddog said, great parts trucks.
  8. so mike, when are you going to start giving tours of your place? I know to most of us it would be a vacation to come see your collection.
  9. I've seen a few early R's with those bezels under the gauges to angle them towards the driver. Was that a Mack accessory or something from Stewart Warner?
  10. if the one has a 14 speed 72 series quadbox it'd be a good score. I've only seen one and the guy that has the trans won't part with it for reasonable money
  11. You've got a soft spot for every truck you lay your eyes on
  12. when I sent in for my B, I never received a service manual. I asked for everything. I have an owners manual and the spec sheets and a sales brochure.
  13. if it makes you feel any better, I did the same thing to the Mack flaps on my pickup last winter. chunk of ice and I ripped the right side rear flap clean off
  14. Rear disk on a truck???? I remember being there last year and seeing the quality of materials. very poor
  15. Welcome, If ever needed I could always provide a nice, clean, safe, and well loved home for it if you ever wanted to part ways
  16. I took the same exact picture last year when I was up for the field days. I know this picture makes her look sweet because she is rough
  17. I just have to ask, where did you find that little b 61?
  18. any idea what shipping to 13357 would be?
  19. does the air starter work? any history on it?
  20. How about the ratty old B61 in Goodfellas? It's the scene where Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta steel the truck from in front of the dinner
  21. well, if anybody is interested in going to see it i'll save you the trip. I drove out there (652 miles round trip). The gentleman that owns it is a nice guy, but his truck needs a lot of lovin'. It's a B42P with a 9' frame that is fish plated and kinda scaley. 401 Magnadyne with a straight 5 speed tr77 trans with a two speed rear. runs great, i'll give it that. the block had a crack in it below the oil cooler about 7" long. the shell is all rotted on the bottom, drivers fender, passenger hood, back of the cab. drivers and pass floor board. and all around the windshield and the cowl all behind the air cleaner. It looks like it was hit hard at the bottom of the passenger A pillar and somebody took it and beat the cowl out very little and filled it full of bondo. Not to be mean to him, but I personally wouldn't pay anymore than scrap price for it. just my two cents.
  22. haha I think i'll be alright without the kettle but I appreciate the thought. price of fuel for ANYTHING lately is quite ridiculous. I think it's part of the reason a lot of the trucks seen at shows ten years ago aren't seen around anymore
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