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  1. Looking good Rudy. Glad to see you stuck with it and didn't abandon your old B81
  2. I remember going to PA to get that B475. drove all night and all next day. sleep deprivation is a bitch hahah
  3. 237 in there is gonna make that a sweet rig to drive. just don't drive it like a maxidyne is meant to. I've been told the 72 series trans cant take the lugging like the 5 and 6 speeds put behind the maxidyne engines originally. looking good rudy!
  4. just imagine all the junk we could drag in with that lowboy
  5. I know of a few sets of frame rails i'd like to stick that 237 between
  6. looks like the shell, shutters, and bottoms of the fenders have been sectioned. I don't know if they messed with the cab or not. I think it is the angle of the pic. shell and shutters are definitely sectioned. probably around 4"
  7. I hate to say it but the only thing that appeals to me in the spec sheet is the fact that it has a 237. Other than that it's an Allison trans and Timken rears with a Hendrickson suspension. Like Maddog said, great parts trucks.
  8. so mike, when are you going to start giving tours of your place? I know to most of us it would be a vacation to come see your collection.
  9. I've seen a few early R's with those bezels under the gauges to angle them towards the driver. Was that a Mack accessory or something from Stewart Warner?
  10. if the one has a 14 speed 72 series quadbox it'd be a good score. I've only seen one and the guy that has the trans won't part with it for reasonable money
  11. You've got a soft spot for every truck you lay your eyes on
  12. when I sent in for my B, I never received a service manual. I asked for everything. I have an owners manual and the spec sheets and a sales brochure.
  13. if it makes you feel any better, I did the same thing to the Mack flaps on my pickup last winter. chunk of ice and I ripped the right side rear flap clean off
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