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  1. Lowboy recent deck extra tires and wheels,very good condition. Will only work with a single axle tractor. 4500 OBO. 518-332-72three four
  2. Truck has been sold thank you for all the interest. Trailer is still available .
  3. She is nothing more than what we have in there today....a liberal puke!!! Oh wait....today they call themselves progressives...either way puke is puke.....just sayin!
  4. No power steering and I don't know about the rebuild but being a 1956 I don't believe the 673c was the original engine ,but I'm not an expert...all I can tell you is it runs without any issues at all.
  5. 1956 B61 end673c 5&3 single axle very good condition,older resto trailer in very good condition,extra tires and rims, 13500 . OBO will separate. 518-332-72 three four
  6. 2005 f350,dually,diesel,4x4,auto,14kgvw,46k miles,excellent cond,plow, 16500 OBO Also have a 2007 three axle ,fifth wheel toyhauler,three slides,gen set,gas station,and much more excellent cond, will sell as a package with truck 44500 OBO will separate 518-332-7234
  7. Anyone have any info on the F model? I tried the link but it said listing has expired.
  8. That's very true...that's why I will use the one for light duty hauling .Lol! And I may even use the Brockway too.
  9. You and I were interested in the same Brockway that's sinking into the dirt if I have my info correct. Lol.
  10. Johnstown and Elocin oil lol...are you Steve?
  11. Gee my two favorite things.......trucks and ummmmm beer yeah that's it beer.
  12. I bought it in New Hampshire right on the Maine border. I am building a 1959 Brockway 148W which its my hope to use the B and trailer to haul the 148 to shows .....but that's a ways away. Lol.
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies. When I get the Brock done I'll post it here as well. Lol. That trailer has a very short kingpin plate and was quite a trick hooking it to a Volvo tandem to bring it home lol.
  14. Hello I have recently joined BMT and have recently become a Mack truck owner. Although not my first Mack I have just purchased a 1956 b61 thermodyne with a triplex. Can't wait to get it registered and take it out.
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