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  1. That one I posted the picture of was sort of like that. Rear tire/wheel package was HUGE. Didn't even sit level.
  2. Forgive the Instagram screenshot I don’t know where my originals are but here is a ridiculous triple rail 85k planetary axle with a ridiculous rear suspension/trunion we built a couple years ago. I have a few other pics of big 6x6 AWD trucks, a 43ft chassis, Tri-drive twin steers, we regularly build 70k axle setups. Mack will still build it.
  3. Still do with the exception of them having MP8's instead of Cummins or something else and a Granite cab on them. We occasionally build some huge heavy duty trucks still but they all go out of the country. Literally, All of them. Can't complain they don't build something you aren't buying. Most we've built have gone to South America.
  4. I forget the details of the system from when we built the truck but it has some kind of aftermarket AWD system. It was something weird if I remember right. Not your average system
  5. That truck is old for any data they get chassis/cab related. The Pinnacle has had the new stand up sleeper box for a year now. Lots of other minor changes here and there over that time.
  6. Don't know why we lost them but rumor was when they switched they temporarily lost all Volvo/Mack shipping business.
  7. Jamie told me the Anthem will be used for a lot of long haul recovery from the U.S. I even said to him that I thought he was downsizing and he corrected me and said he was "right sizing"
  8. Anthem 70" sleeper, 30 ton wrecker if I remember correctly.
  9. I don't drive them only build them so I can only speak to "initial build quality" A couple years ago we pulled a few competitors comparably equipped into our audit stalls here at Mack. The Mack and the Kenworth looked comparable. The Freightliner looked like a bunch of kindergarten kids built it. Miles down the road I cannot comment on.
  10. I once had to contact someone in corporate management at Home Depot. If you can find someone on the internet on a website such as Linkedin who has a corporate Mack email account, and you know the name of the person you want to contact you can usually just change the names from the known account. Such as finding bob.jones@whatever.com but you want to contact Jack.Smith@whatever.com. Worked for me.
  11. Somewhere I had read that other sleeper options will be introduced later. For now its 48" and 70"
  12. You do realize that cab structure itself is the same and the new truck is a highway tractor. The Granite is still the same truck with a new interior right?
  13. Look in the grass you can see the helipad is still in the front yard at Macungie.
  14. See the other post about the new Mack in the fall for more pics and details from me on page 4. The CHU is getting the new grille. Same shape headlights but internals are changing to LED. Truck is also getting the new interior and the new sleeper box. That could have been some of the stuff in the teaser. The comments about the crowd enthusiasm I think that may have been a production company error. I noticed it too but I also noticed by the annoying clapping you kept hearing that the only Mic was the one set up on the presenter. There was no ambient mic. Made it sound very quiet in the room. Lastly, people keep hating on the hood mirrors. Personally I like them but I do believe they are optional.
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