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  1. Thanks for the details Vlad. I'll take one of each, with the artillery piece included of course. Might be handy some day. I bet those units can burn some gasoline in a hurry...
  2. That's a piece of history right there. Is the NO cab specific to only the NO? Were they all open? It sure would be something to make it factory correct again. Would an L cab cut down do it?
  3. Love the idea. Machines in motion is the way to go. This is why I try to get to shows early so I can watch and hear everything roll in! IT's the best part!
  4. It's not an Oshkosh but that is one COOL Mack. There would be a crowd around that at a truck show!
  5. That first panel truck is a 1940...the ONLY year they made that exact grill design! One farmer in my town has one under his barn which is his "baby" I can't imagine it is too dry under there. I can only see the front 3 feet of it but it drives me nuts. If you are just gonna let it rot, sell the darn thing! Should be a law or something.
  6. Think we would all like to see pictures.
  7. 1. B-87T With a big winch on it. 2. NO in full Military garb with a 155 long gun behind it 3. EQ 4. EHU
  8. Love the 30's vintage streamline trucks and tankers. I've not seen any in person that I recall.
  9. The BB based bus closet to the camera looks like it has an early super single on the rear. Those are nice pictures. Thanks all for posting. I might have ridden the bus more often as a youth if it had been a Mack..
  10. I remember that story and recall thinking that these folks don't have two nickels to rub together. We need some industry that the EPA won't banish from existence for areas like this. It's nice to have some clean air but it would be great if we could all have some food on the table...and a table with a roof over it as well. It's good to see they are getting a little help for something there. I guess we need more "undocumented workers" to help depress wages more....Oh yeah, that is a nice looking truck too. There sure are a bunch of levers at the top of the control panel...Need a PHD to figure all that stuff out.
  11. Tax accountant and an attorney before you raise your hand. Identify multiple banks and multiple financial advisors and review resumes, solvency etc. The line of people who will want to take your dough will be endless. Trust funds for the kids and grandkids to pay for school and to get them started. New house on lots of land and storage...Add security, get well armed etc. Start the Jay Leno garage model with Macks, Pontiacs and John Deere's... Get the 815 done. Take care of some folks who need and deserve some charity...do some good etc. Invest and plan, and try to relax and have some fun.
  12. We left a lot of good stuff on the other side of the pond didn't we? That's a nice wrecker if I ever saw one. Those are big and impressive for sure.
  13. It's a fine line between warm and on fire....real fine!
  14. Excellent! Love the L model convertible. Reminds me to get out and get the new sneakers my buddies so I can he can take it for a drive...yeah, he...It's a 49 LS85. Love the idea and I look forward to viewing the pictures...Thanks for taking the time to do it. Greg
  15. I have the trap door in my cab with nothing under it...been converted to straight 12V system now. Always wondered what that gear looked like.
  16. I had taken a bunch of dead air stuff off of my truck and then had to assemble it enough to move it and had the same issue. I dug around and found it by looking but what theakerstwo said above is right. Pull a fitting and hook up shop air and you will find something for sure....no pressure, no sound.
  17. That is a tough story. I'd not sell it to the shop with even a chance of it being a shady deal...there are no friends when it comes to money. I hate to think that but anyone worth a crap should be able to identify the issue(s) through a process of inspection and elimination. You don't need a computer to figure this one out. I'd get it home, find a guy who has a clue to dig into it in the spring. It can't be that hard. Fuel, Air, Ignition...and you have lot's of ignition circuits which are all easy to determine if they work or not....battery in properly? Don't give up so easy. Even if you dump it, the truck is worth a lot more running than not. You will take a big bath on it when it is dead. My two cents. Call Matt Pfahl or one of the other guys recommended. You will be glad you did.
  18. AMAZING pictures! Love all of them...Thanks for posting everyone. Nice stuff
  19. I agree in general 68 F Model, but the factory guys are SOOOO conservative there is plenty of wiggle room for some modifications that are safe. As long as you don't get out of control and you monitor EGT's and keep them in a safe zone via your go fast foot, you should be okay.
  20. The note on the 34 CH refers to Mack's knowledge regarding existing trucks. Do the keep track of inquiry's when we send for factory literature? If so, it would be interesting to know what is still around from that perspective...Owner's information private of course.
  21. Lets all pray for some blue sky and dry weather for RowdyRebel. Amen!
  22. 34CH Nice rigs. There is a COE E on craigs list in my area for sale...I'd love that one but again I'd have to live in it, and Santa did not bring me any spare cash for the holiday.
  23. Now all I need is a good running loader cheap! Seriously good plan Jim...That is a safe method I'm sure as long as you have the gear to do it.
  24. I have no idea what the deal is on this one but there is a great bunch of guys on here and with darn few exceptions everyone is wanting and willing to offer help, guidance, support and friendship to anyone decent and considerate and interested in heavy rusty iron stuff. I don't need to know and probably don't want to know anyway. Thanks to all for all for everything. God Bless and have a Merry Christmas. Thank you to "management" for keeping us focused when necessary. Greg
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