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  1. Thanks for posting info on the resolution to the issue.
  2. This rig is in my neighborhood and it works everyday. Not a great pic but the Super is always moving!
  3. Yup, the truck is on its second career but a DMM deserves a Big Boy wrecker set up!
  4. The wrecker set up looks undersized for the DMM.
  5. Good eye Maddog. A picture of his Super when it was put up for sale in 2002. No idea where it ended up.
  6. Because of all the trees. A Pup with a load of firewood.
  7. Yup, some drums are getting pricey.
  8. I would try to locate a Mack axle first. If my local used truck parts yard had a smoking deal on something else, then would have to balance out my time vs money. Truth be know, I would stick with the spokes. Daytons are typically stronger than Budd's, easier to change in the field with hand tools and look better on a dump truck IMO.
  9. I would get an entire hub pilot axle assembly and do a swap.
  10. Definitely some old warriors!
  11. Steelman, Hope rehab goes well. From one of my past experiences, do your best to follow what PT has to say.
  12. A fine addition for your heavy haul division.
  13. Holmes went on a buying spree and Gay's Express and several other NE based companies were scooped up. Gay's had just built their large terminal north of the St. Johnsbury terminal in Bellows Falls, VT (actually Westminster) when it then became the Holmes terminal. Years go by and then Holmes is gone. For about the last 25 years the building has served as the eastern terminal/main office for BDR Transport which is owned by the next generation of the Gay family. The story has gone full circle now.
  14. That number was also found on binder farm tractors and info seems to indicate hydraulic fluid.
  15. Is there a tag or stamped model number on the pump? Another possibility is some systems use motor oil as steering fluid.
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