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  1. I had some old Pete brochures and my recollection is that the trucks were photographed with the wiper blade in the horizontal position. I like them vertical as well. A lot of modern Pete drivers that sit on the floor need them vertical so the blades don't block their line of sight!
  2. The supply of non-ethanol sometimes can be iffy in my parts. Knock on wood, I have used lots of "corn" in my two stroke equipment and have never had a fuel related issue. I always use Stihl 2 cycle engine oil in the fuel mix.
  3. Sounds like it is time for a new seat!
  4. New parts should tighten up the old buggy.
  5. He probably stopped to tie his shoe lace... The fact that he was wearing cowboy boots doesn't change his story one bit!
  6. j hancock

    1936 Mack

    Probably is an EH model. Mack made almost 33,000 EH trucks.
  7. On your drive home, you weren't sitting on the floor...?
  8. The engine swap "should" be relatively easy. Hard to tell without seeing what it is. Don't think much else would be of value to you. If the army truck is complete and functioning, I would leave it complete and source a replacement engine for your B-61 from something else.
  9. I am not too sure about the sawdust board they pass off as furniture at IKEA??? Would take a Scania Truck over the other!
  10. Had a little Poulan between 1978-1986 for doing brush. Ran great and weighed nothing. Sold it to a fellow that had a tree service. He used for years running it one handed while working limbs from his bucket truck. He paid me more for it used than I paid for the saw brand new!
  11. Yup, always kept track of where it got set down. A friend made a wheel chock out of Stihl years back.... Oooops!
  12. Once seen everywhere.
  13. Processed a lot of wood with this Husqvarna Rancher 61 saw over the years. Bought it new in 1981 and has never given any trouble. Just gas, oil and a new bar and chain every so often. Not bad for 38 years.
  14. That was the paint scheme used on the Mack interplant delivery trucks.
  15. It started with a Cummins NVH-1200 (400 HP) natural aspirated 12 cylinder. Has a Cummins six under the hood now. Possibly a KTA.
  16. Fine selection of working Dogs! If I ruled the world, the R and RW would still be produced.
  17. Saw this the other day at the Granite State Show. It is an ex Barnhart Crane and Rigging and believe it is the one that Hobert spied doing some work in his neighborhood a few years ago. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/45748-a-big-cool-mack/?_fromLogin=1 What a BEAST!
  18. The B-67 with the flush mounted bumper and contoured cab featured a dimension of 89". The measurements I used up above was for the standard bumper and flat back cab panel for straight truck use.
  19. Both the B-53 and B-57 were heading in that same general direction. The B-53 had the fish belly frame and the B-57 used a straight frame behind the cab. The BBC for the B-53 was 108" (same as a B-61) and the B-57 was 101" (same as a B-67). 2,625 B-53 models were built between 1962-1966. 281 B-57 models were made between 1964-1966.
  20. The B-53 was a weight saving mixer chassis that would be the forerunner to the DM model. Usually had a heavy Rockwell front axle, power steering and a fish belly frame.
  21. Standing tall and is almost at the end of the line for the B model.
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