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  1. Gasoline and I didn't take a look at the transmission.
  2. WTH!!! Hope everything is OK.
  3. Nice selection of Mack's to view! Certainly enjoy seeing the trucks with locally fabricated cabs.
  4. Didn't see Maddog or cousin but found their good looking B models at the Spa.
  5. See if the info on the axle housing can be read. Age, rust and abuse may have obliterated it by now. See picture. Also, if you have the VIN of the the truck, you can send the info to the Mack Museum and they can tell you how the truck was built. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/
  6. Proudly served Framingham, MA with a delivery date of 3-22-1961.
  7. I know a couple folks that would like to have purchased a Mack Truck powered with a Cummins. They tired quickly of the "cup motors" and went away. Volvo thinks they know what to do but their portion of the pie is going to get a lot smaller.
  8. I am not a fire guy but will speculate that is a quick disconnect for the vehicle exhaust extraction hose which is connected to the truck while it is inside the firehouse.
  9. Still have one of his business cards. This was before dedicated fax phone numbers, cell numbers or a web address but there was always something happening at Mel's yard!
  10. Excellent pics! Some nice bounce to the ounce at the library.
  11. It was a TV show called "American Loggers" that featured the Pelletier family in Maine.
  12. Very KooL ride! Think it is actually a 1968 model because it has no door vent windows.
  13. Thanks Brocky! I do like taking pics. Another Superliner from the show.
  14. Pictures from your phone? If so, IDK. Don't take pics with a phone. Use a Kodak and load them to the computer is my plan.
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