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  1. Very true. A couple of examples. TRXL107 or TRXL 107A Low 1st 14.10, Direct 1st 8.59, 2nd 4.99, 3rd 2.84, 4th 1.66, 5th 1.00 TRXL1071 or TRXL1071A Low 1st 23.08 Direct gears are some as above
  2. Actually Kamp from Mokena which is down the street a bit.
  3. What is the transmission model number?
  4. Well.... Ummmm.... Sorry, I thought everyone got the memo.
  5. Band Box Cleaners owned a couple fire trucks. Has anyone called the Tomah Fire Department? They would probably know of fire trucks in their local neighborhood.
  6. How much wheelbase are you looking for?
  7. I have seen aluminum hoods on B46, 61, 66, 67, 75 etc. The B-66 would have had an overhead valve EN464. The subject truck being a flathead, B-46 sounds good but hard to say what all was thrown at it for parts and pieces.
  8. LT's were typically Cummins diesel or gasoline/butane equipped unless retrofitted. B73 and B77 were also OEM Cummins diesel powered. B75 were Mack diesel power.
  9. Know what you are saying. Either the LT or B75 would be good. Both are sharp looking trucks. Only downside that I can think of that either model with a bunk have a pretty long wheelbase and a fairly large turning radius. An R model with bunk could be slightly shorter and the cut angle of the front axle may be a little better. Power or power assist steering would be a plus also.
  10. Either? Why not get one of each??!!
  11. Yup, both at Macungie. Didn't have a chance to talk to the folks but as Brocky says, the bus wasn't local!
  12. The VIN is stamped on the right front frame rail behind the axle. The yellow box in the picture shows the approx. location. The example is B733LS1757. Tough to give pricing over the phone. On the plus side, it doesn't look beat to death. Negative side is a gas motor and the concave cab. What do you want to do with it? Do you want an old truck or do you really, really want this old truck? A truck can be cheap to buy and very expensive to repair.
  13. Power Wagons of course and one is a bus!
  14. A couple pics of the original jointed column in my B75 with L cab. The column is not bolted to the dash. There is a tray looking bracket behind the dash with a separate bracket connecting between the "tray" and the top of the column using a rubber insulator. An additional vertical bracket bolts between the steering column joint and the bottom of the tray.
  15. Welcome! Keep us posted on your project.
  16. Celebrate independence and the birth of a nation! Stay safe everybody!
  17. Strategic Air Command...? Newly approved nitro methane license...? It is going to be one hell of a party!!!
  18. It has some engine info but I don't see a code for a Big AL. They may have used "S" for special?
  19. Thanks Lee. Always have been a fan of the Mustang and owner since 1986. Had an excellent minivan but don't tell anyone and it was equipped with a manual 5 spd. Also enjoy the Olivio Spread which you founded. It goes great on English muffins.
  20. OK. Found the Autocar info. It is indeed in the Wheels of Time July/August 2011 issue. I can scan it in a little while and send via regular email full size. It will burn some memory so the BMT message machine may not like it. Two pages of code and about three pages with some history of the codes.
  21. Always a risk! To the left of the cap is a white decal "Hydraulic Oil Only". Hopefully, everyone knows how to read.
  22. What makes Colon Klapperdink (my spelling) an expert or arbiter of American history? Is his opinion worth more than anyone else's? As always, opinions are like a$$holes... I think it is fitting that Nike chose this individual to be their "face" and has cost them millions of dollars.
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