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  1. H model cabs were hydraulic tilt,not spring
  2. wonder what last 2 digits are,could be a prototype
  3. the caption is a misprint,the 350 wasn't available in 1978. I'm thinking that truck just had a 237. I saw it several years ago at a ATHS show,but just can't remember
  4. 1985 DM686S, ENDT676,2 stick 6 speed,44k rears on Mack walking beam,cab and hood rough,runs good,under 300k miles,no title,for parts or off road use only - $4500 OBO 1993 CH613,E7-350,Fuller 9 speed, Mack rears on air ride,under 500k miles,but rough shape,runs, have title - $3500 OBO 2007 CXN613,E7 427,Mack 13 speed,air ride,under 500k miles,runs good,frame is broke,no title,for parts only - $5500 OBO
  5. Woke my old '67 R615 up from a 10+ year nap a couple days ago,think its time to find it a new home video-1568245727.mp4
  6. Superdog

    1936 Mack

    yes the starting price mite seem high,but you also notice it has a MAKE OFFER option. From my experience selling stuff,it seems as though making offers and bargaining have become a thing of the past for some reason,everyone just looks at asking price and says seller is asking too much.
  7. I've seen 6V92's in 600's,but never a 8V,that code is correct for a 8V71
  8. 612 was the ETAZ673A,known as the 300+ rated at 315 hp,688 was the E6-350
  9. ithe 1 I got from you is a steel dash,I need all the plastic stuff,may have to end up painting what I have,jfinding the right color paint's gonna be a bitch plus I ust don't know how well that will hold up. I do have a good green steering wheel and green Bulldog seat back.
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