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  1. that rear end is most likely original. seen many r models and u models with that cheap housing. it is deffinately a Mack hogs head. never seen a cheap rear end housin like that on a b model just u and r models. mack seemed to use that housin a lot in the 70's and put their hogs head in it and their spoke wheels on it. the reason i say cheap is almost everyone i have came across was broke around the spring perches on the housing and letting water in.i believe it may be a Rockwell housin thanks, Matt
  2. This engine has the air cooler on top of the motor, the plenum that says Mack across it, doesnt have the air to air in front of the radiator. i want to use the original radiator and shroud. just wondering if the old 711 fan will keep the 300+ cool enough. the 711 had a spacer behind the fan so it stuck out a ways also but the clutch/fan is too big to fit into the shroud. the engine is an ETAYZ673 out of a 1980 Rs600L. thanks, Matt
  3. Putting a 300+ and 10 speed roadranger into a single axle R600. got new mounts made up and engine mounted. the fan on this engine has a clutch and is 24'' with about 8 blades where as the old 711 had a 23'' regular fan on it with 5 blades. my question is is it ok to mount the old fan up as the bigger one with clutch wont fit into the shroud. Will the smaller fan cool this engine enough? thanks, Matt
  4. definately trunion. usually that rubber mount costs about 9 bucks and some change. available from Mack still. just bought a few not too long ago. ~Matt
  5. that Outlaw B75 use to be a familiar sight on the east coast in the early 80's. think i saw pictures of it at a show in Hagerstown , Matt
  6. imput shafts should all be the same as long as both are a 77 series transmission. sounds like you have an issue with the throw out bearing. Matt
  7. several reasons. worn crank or sometime when someone puts the transmission back in they slam it in and knock the thrust washers loose if they are a little worn. just did the same thing to a 673. took the oil pan off to clean the gunk out and found all four washers in the pan. ordered them from Mack, put them back in and replaced pan. probably not good enough for a workin truck but good enough for a recreational driver. Matt
  8. yup wonderful guys to deal with and didnt act like you were wasting their time and would investigate to find something out or work to get something retooled or remade. and they loved to talk!
  9. i think they were around there. i loved dealin with Bob Daub or however you spelled it at Tidewater and parts were really reasonable back then. im pretty sure i paid somewhere between $125 and $175 a piece for them. dont even think they were as much as 350 a pair. wish i had bought more and a pickup full of hood chrome and dash guages! thanks, Matt
  10. I tried puttin the spin on filters from a 237 on my 711 and the block bolted up but didnt have the same amount of holes drilled in the block for the oil passages. i think the 237 had 5 holes and the 711 only had 4. i just put the lubrifiner back on as i didnt want to hurt anything by not having oil run back to where it is suppose to. i think if you find a spin on bracket off an older motor tho you should be fine, just make sure you have the same amount of holes in the block as the engine you remove it to and i think like Larry said, make sure you have the right gasket for it as i think Mack made a few different gaskets and some might block off an oil passage. thanks, Matt
  11. Watts has the r model style box but will work on a b model and still looks original. good battery boxes for a b model are hard to find as in good fuel tanks and fuel tank brackets, especially up north where they like to put liquid battery acid on the road in the winter time. the r model boxes easily fit a b model, just have to drill new holes in the frame or do what i did and use the side bolt holes on the box with a piece of angle iron and drill holes in the back that align with the original holes in your frame. I doubt that there are any reproduction boxes from Tidewater Mack floating around anymore. Wish i bought a stack years ago when they were cheap along with about 20 pair of vent windows when they were $350 a pair! thanks, Matt
  12. just take the old vent windows and door glass with channel atteched to a glass shop. they will cut the new glass for you and glue the window channel back on the bottom of the door glass and into the vent window frames with urethane. ~Matt
  13. most all i have seen are mounted at an angle. only ones i have seen straight are fire trucks or ex fire trucks. have seen a few fire trucks changed over into tractors and they have a spacer block between the frame and the bracket. i guess this was to get the brackets paralell so the side skirts would align with the tank body? thanks, Matt
  14. im the one third from the right with the sunglasses and Mack trucks tattoo on his left arm. ~Matt
  15. i believe all the end673p, end711 and end707 engines have the split intake manifolds. at least everyone i have ever seen did. ~Matt
  16. End707 is a diesel. think its around 200 hp or 210. i have on in my B61. good running engine, basically the same as a 711, Matt
  17. J8C Champions usually. and the first to foul are #2 and #5. least thats how it is with our B42 with a 402 in it. You can get most of the distributor parts right at Napa also. not too many of those boat anchor gutless 401/402's around anymore haha. ~Matt
  18. was lookin at the Mack Driven for a century book the other night and theres a picture of one of the Pelletiers old RM800's with a double load on it on page 152. ~Matt
  19. Most B models and 673's i have seen have the oil fill on the top valve cover.. some i have seen have it bolted to the side valve cover near the air compressor and a few have it under the injection pump like in the pic. i think in the late 60's and early 70's they moved it to under the pump. Most B61's i have ever put oil in that had it on the top valve cover have the damn radiator radius rod going right across the filler so its hard tp get a funnel in the cover. i think this was a Mack flaw haha. i have even removed the filler before and drilled and tapped new holes in the valve cover to move the filler out of the way of the radius rod a little. also on the number stamping, most cabovers i have seen have the number stamped in the back of the block just below the head. i have also seen it stamped in both places. Just when you think you know all about Macks, they suprise you haha. ~Matt
  20. D J Smith had a B615 here in upstate ny a few years ago that he put floaters on the front with buds. think he sold it to someone down south. you could probably get ahold of doug fetterly, hed know how to get ahold of the Smiths. might even know off hand what offset to use. ~Matt
  21. was getting off I90 (thruway) about 2 months ago and spotted a two tone green R700 pulling for Midland Farms coming off the northway(I87) anyone seen this truck around or know what year it is? suprised to see it still running but then again ive seen Midland farms running a lot of older really beat Macks. this one actually looked pretty nice tho, even had dual stacks. thanks, Matt
  22. went up 3 times in one day here the other day in good old new york state at a local Stewarts shop. gotta love how they raise the price on the gas in the tank twice after they get it. was 3.36 on my way to work, 3.40 at noon and 3.47 later that nite.
  23. serial number is Rs612LST52368 and the tag on the engine says its a 1979 model with 315 hp.is this the original engine for this truck? not that it matters, just wondering. thanks, Matt
  24. just bought an engine from the junkyard. came in a running 1980 r model valueliner. guy let me drive it before we tore it apart and took the engine and tranny out. has a 10 speed roadranger behind it. this engine has the big Mack plenum on the driverside with a two tube air cleaner. i knew it was a 300+ engine. got it home and it is an ETAZ673A. i looked at the front of the block by the timing cover and it says T675 no END or anything in front of it. I thought 675 was for a 237 so why does the tg riveted on the block behind the injetion pump sayin its an ETAZ673A? just wondering. Also the roadranger says its a RT1110. what exactly is this model? a 1 to 1 direct 10 speed? thanks, Matt
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