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  1. Looks like they have to get the mix slumped near perfect at the plant. With the size of the water tank which looks to be less than 200 gallons, there is plenty of area to wash down over a standard mixer. Oh, don't forget the laborers always run for your water hose because their shovels and trowels are more important to wash than your 6 figure truck!
  2. I was thinking the same about the color. Great looking truck! I'm going to try to make my way over to Ernies yard one day.
  3. Here are 2 Coca-Cola tractors that I saw while at the Mack Allentown Factory. I took the tour while at the Macungie Truck Show in June. The Mack volunteer said these were some of the first Macks ordered by Coke.
  4. Great pictures and info. According to a Mack Model Production sheet I came across there were 14 HMM685's and 130 HMM6856's produced.
  5. This doesn't look like the same exact model as pictured. Certified Industries had some of these as tractors and 10-wheel dumpers. Photo was sent to me from a friend.
  6. Here are 2 RM Mixers from Long Island, NY Cross Redi-Mix D&A Sand & Gravel
  7. Jake, They had an ENDTB675 engine with a 5-speed main and Hi-Lo-Rev on 2nd stick. Built on an H-Beam chassis with #80,000 rear walking beam suspension and #23,000 front axle. 7.58 rear end ratio. No radio, no A/C but it did have a power r/s window. They had 15 cu. yard Challenge-Cooke mixers with 400 gallon water tanks if memory serves me. These were the last mixers Certified got with chain driven barrels and PTO driven water pumps for mixer water. The Crane Carriers that came several years after had hydraulically driven barrels and pressurized water. John
  8. Certified Industries F-900 (F-985) They bought 45 of these in 1973. Would love to find one today. Heard from the exporter that they were shipped to Nicaragua. This was my daily ride when I worked there.
  9. Something from Autocar that's just a little different. My Dad drove this for Certified.
  10. You didn't bump your head, Jakebrake86. Certified Industries (Concrete) did in fact run F-900 concrete. 45 of them. There were a few other ready-mix companies in the area that ran F models. This was the truck I drove when I was there. My Dad got the 1st one that came in. The first few came with this paint scheme but were repainted with the polka-dots. Apologies for jumping off-topic.
  11. In case BKrois doesn't have any, I have 2 of the Brockway. Enjoy! After posting these, I think this might be 2 trucks over from the "Green Outlook" truck.
  12. I have seen these trucks on the North Fork of Long Island and would like to photograph them. Do they also park on L.I. or take the ferry across with deliveries. A phone call to their local rep didn't help. Very suspicious as to why I would want to photograph their trucks................as usual.
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