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  1. danny123

    Fan OVRD

    I do have a 2006 Mack granite CV713 dump truck and I don't see any cooling fan override switch?.. doesn't come with one this model or do I even need one?!
  2. Thank you!.. will do that this weekend..
  3. Oh wow!.. that was bad.. well it feels like a lot bouncing around some how like a rough rocking chair.. and when hits about 35 mph front left tire feels like it has swelling or something up and down ( all the tires are new)
  4. I'm guessing changing the shocks maybe improve the ride, they look bad..
  5. Well it loose air after being park for a few hours..is not a big air leak.. I can't not even hear the air loosing..
  6. Well the air bags only loose air when park and shut off for a while.. they look fully inflated when truck is running.. but still a rough ride..
  7. Thank you guys to all that reply I really appreciate it!!.. I'm 23 not very experience like some of you guys..So the 2 small air bags and the 2 shocks is all the truck have for cab air ride..is that all I can change to make it ride better?!
  8. The little air bags deflates when truck is park...I don"t know if supposed to do that?!
  9. Well I'm not very familiar with Mack trucks, but when is parked looks like is break in half?!.. the muffler pipe press against the the bed of the truck (is a dump truck)..
  10. Hello, I have a 2006 Mack granite dump truck..is there anything I can do ( shocks, air bags...) To make it a more comfortable ride?!.. I used to have a sterling dump truck and is like night and day..
  11. Does 2006 mack granite have a engine fan button or switch?
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