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  1. Not my truck yet, but really thinking of buying a 2006 granite tandem dump with a 427 and allison. After running the truck for a 15 minute test drive, I checked the oil fill and blow by tube and definitely pushing some what I think is steam or white smoke. Truck has 270,000 miles showing. Which I thought was low mileage. I am thinking buy it and overhaul right away, or run it till it gets worse and hopefully have the truck make me some money before it ends up in the shop. Of course I could just run and not buy it. Leave the problem with the current owner. I took a video of the blow by after the test drive: Granite blow by video clip
  2. Spent a lot of time digging in to old posts and got some great info, but would love some opinions on a possible purchase. I have a driver that needs an automatic, so time to get another truck. I am looking at a 2006 Granite CV713 with a AI 427 and an Allison 4500RDS Vin 1M2AG11C46M053716 about 270,000 miles on it, 5.32 ratio, 58 rears, 18 front, tandem dump. 12/24 tires. truck seems to drive great although a little sluggish in the low end. I am going to have the "step 12B" programming checked. I am worried about an oil leak. seems to be on both sides of the motor. Drivers side looks to be behind the starter and did not dig deep enough to see exactly where. The passenger side was really wet. Owner said the oil fill cap came off. they replaced it and didn't clean it yet?!?! Anyway, I looked and want to say it is coming from the top of the head. Anything sound alarming? 2nd issue is some smoke coming from the blow by at idle. Not much, but still there. I want to say the color was somewhat white, but want to go look at the truck again to be exactly sure. I called Antrim diesel and they said a little blow by smoke is not much to be worried about?? Any thoughts? what is average milage before overhaul. I am kind of willing to do an overhaul, but want to get at least a season or two before doing so Anything I should look at on my next visit? Kind of need a truck yesterday. looking to get it for $55,000. Also, any opinions on the Allison? how many miles average before rebuild. Thanks!!!
  3. So after selling both my r model dump and roll off a few years ago, I very quickly started missing them and looking for another. My perfect truck would be heavy spec short wheelbase dump. A Tandem with 58 rears 18 or 20 front, 350 or more hp and a good trans. Well, I just purchased a 86 RD600 in decent shape and well kept. heavy spec, but a little less hp then I wanted having the em-300. I actually don't mind the 300 hp with the torque it puts out and knowing its durabilty, but my real complaint is the 7 speed T2070 trans. Great low end power and great highway speeds, but really wish i had more gears to split to get it to speed. I feel like i am making the motor work to hard with heavy loads (70,000 lb). Was really hoping to swap out for maybe a mack 12, 13, or 18 speed. Any suggestions?
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