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  1. On a side note, don't you have one or two 22.5 5 hole stud piloted Budd wheels? I'm getting short luck finding such ones in my neighbourhood.
  2. A great story you could learn about your truck. Always nice to add a fact or two to the collection of things related to your main subject of interest. What surprized me is bright colors military used in desert for their equipment. I would expect seeing everything painted beige. Ok, Coronado tan if saying correct.
  3. Seems to me as big sorry of converting that glider into a truck. Plenty of trucks down the street but an untouched glider isn't a thing you see every day. Sure job and history are dfferent fields to play a game. H67st - thanks for the pictures. I was lucky observing the trucks in person one year back. This time I have to satisfy with screen images only.
  4. At least the costs are in a ballpark for negotiation. Adding info of actual location of the parts would help finding a right person who needs them.
  5. A really nice looking set. It seems to me though we should organize bidding right overhere. I doubt they will go really expensive but buyers sure pay interest to them. Good thing Watts now offers another full color set of mudflaps which looks no less attractive than this one. I already purchased my package and would recomend them to others.
  6. I would like to. Macungie is calling Sorry not this time. If I will have power enough to line up the stars I will make a jump to Trucktoberfest. Too long to make plans yet.
  7. And this was taken specially for someone's personal interest
  8. My path took me to D-day selebration once again. Sure my own country has plenty of WW2 history. But learning more of what was happening over the world gives you another grade of understanding. My very respect to those men who landed on the seacoast of Normandy on the 6th of June 1944. They moved the history to safer direction. And my personal thanks to them for saving lives of soldiers on Estern front. Some pictures were taken today for you to enjoy.
  9. I would better contact those Tekno guys. Pretty sure they created 3D objects to make the model.
  10. If I'm not wrong the company's name is Tecno. Its in The Netherlands and the model is made in 1:50 scale.
  11. That model company used particulary that F-model truck for prototyping. They took actual measurments off it as I was told by the owner. Now they offer that color scheme and the Overdorp one (shown below).
  12. Sorry to hear all that BS, hope you enjoyed the trucks and met people you liked to communicate with. The trucks you posted are really great. Very nice and interesting day cab KW cabover. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Dutch guys had a local show today and I had oportunity to be there and saw some nice Macks. Met friends who are long time members on here either. The most of trucks are well known over the net but it was a pleasure to see them in person once more.
  14. Nice shots of your R-model. I sawed a couple. Looks like you participated a big sell of old American vehicles being that busy hauling them. As always, thanks for sharing the life of your neck of the woods.
  15. Danishes have some of the most attractive looking trucks in Europe.
  16. Hmm... About no rain for nearly a month overhere.. What is the condition of the frame rails?
  17. It seems to me as a typical adventure. Some people buy rusty vehicles and make them unrusty. And call it fun
  18. Welocome to the group! Cool toys you have, must be plenty of fun. I also live in a country where Macks are really scarce and should say owning one is a real adventure. Hope you will find the way to do what you're plannyng to do about Rubber Duck replica. Vlad
  19. I like the look of that blue R. My personal preference is the later series but the earlier ones look nice and very nostalgic. Got about the smoke went away after some driving, thanks.
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