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  1. During WW2 Soviet Union recieved an amount of 4-71 engines for use in track artillery tractors. Also equipement was bougt for a reason to make repears of these motors. By using that equipement a production of 4-71 and 6-71 engines was organised. They were installed into 2 and 3 axle trucks of MAZ and YaAZ. And early KrAZ. Production came to early-sixties when 4-strokers got his place.
  2. I have a two-stroke engine now at the yard. Somebody put them in my WW2 Mack NR truck. I didn't try to start them because it was stuck hard. Though this one was made in the USSR. Vlad
  3. Please post a contact of the guy, I'm also looking for stainless straps for R600. Not shure he would be ready to send owerseas.
  4. I'm sure you're carefull for information, especially of U's. I mean the number of the U that Superdog bought 27 years ago. ...But I'm a fool. The number is ...1007 or ..1017, it's written owerhere.
  5. Too interesting to read gramatics of that kind by the way of my studying English both with a studying of Mack trucks. Vinnie, you are allways on a right way.
  6. Mack museum knows it indeed. Superdog, don't you still keep the ch. number?
  7. If I understand right, U609ST1007 or 17 means it was 7th or 17th built?
  8. Bob, probably you don't have U, that's why somebody argue with you. Vlad
  9. They had. I agree Green Dash here as the U was a replacement of so specific C-model. Suppose they both have good road-view conditions. To complete a theme - what is the year of the DM production start ?
  10. Pretty looking set of toys. All the four are of best condition. Interesting to know - do they all have a same owner?
  11. Does it mean an off-set cab came into production earlier then middle-mounted ? It seems to me as a strange fact.
  12. I don't tell I know everything though there are few people in Russia who has knowelege of a same level. How do you like a country of 150 million people but with 15-20 Mack trucks on roads in 80's - 90's excepting 1-2 hundred Visions imported during the end of 90's and 2000's. I can count all Mack trucks by my fingers in the capital of the country where 12 000 000 people are at the moment.
  13. Could I think the U is the R but with an off-set cab? Or is the R like the U with mid-mounted? What of this models came into production earlier? I'm educating on Macks from 1986 though in info vacuum. Only border's opening and internet made me happy in my best hobby.
  14. Doesn't it depends upon number of axles? I saw DMs most (or all) with three.
  15. The question is adressed mostly to Vinny: You are so active around your nice red'n'black 2-axler so I came in interest of. So please ask me (or anybody else) an easy question. Maybe I'm terrible Mack-educated in my "snow-jungle wild country", but What is the difference between the U model and the DM ?
  16. Doesn't look good. Just need to fit the cab in place and it will seemed like a truck.
  17. Nice to read discussions of this kind on BMT. Especially Uncle Rob's last post.
  18. Fresh painted frame looks good. I want to know though how it was prepaired for painting and what are the chances to see it good for a while.
  19. What was the last production year of E6? I supposed CH were equiped with E7.
  20. Nice looking truck, the colors of stripes are easy and very good. Sorry the pictures are of small size only, I'd be glad to see it better.
  21. Hi guys, How do you suppose is a real price to have RW with a high mileage but in working cond. and a good looking? I'm thinking for a one with a big sleeper, alloys and Mack V8. As a hobby/travel machine, not for a work. No one has seemed by me in Russia. Vlad
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