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  1. They're not worth the effort to insult. A few small bill boards, a mailer explaining what they cost the village and run my daughter in law and son against them in the next election will be sufficient. No reason to inflict harm on the village residents. Anyway would not submit the disabled vets and their families to that better than you environment. I'm putting the entire development in Maine near Scarborough Veterans Home instead of splitting it between 2 states. .
  2. Bet the Amish would take those ancient machines in a second! Donks!
  3. Well that will help sales a lot. Sure that Sanders, Warren and Biden and Beto will go there with their UAW pins to add support to the poorly paid slaves like they say the GM workers are.
  4. Well they are getting a pair of big bill boards, can't punish everybody for a pair of idiots but you can let everyone know about it.
  5. Daughter in law went to the meeting this evening on the village accepting my offer to shelve the lawsuit. The pair of "elite" women who frowned on my coming to the zoning meeting a few months ago right from a job site in work clothes and in my M917 dump truck, explained they would never accept the terms from a dirty inbred piece of trash who probably can't read or write.
  6. 1/8 works the 55 originally ran it in the early 1960's . Three options I guess 1/8 and 1/4 for the regular racers and the rails and funnies run 3/16 . . .and brag about breaking all the old records
  7. Nah Chelsea is talking of running for Senate and Pantsuit Prissy says she can beat Trump again so all the dead votes go to them. Trump doesn't win there will be bad dodo revenge by the Dems on us.
  8. If your wife soaks you in Moxie you'll come back to life better n new no need for the BBQ box.
  9. Wow! On the 1/8th no less.Don't recall the last 1/8 mile track I ran at. 1970 at Islip maybe.
  10. https://www.raneystruckparts.com/mack-headlights/ https://www.4statetrucks.com/lighting/mack-cv713-granite-headlights_15226.asp Remember what ever type you install LED, Halogen or HID you definitely need to readjust your headlights. The brighter lights have a different lens pattern and you will blind oncoming vehicles and not get the optimum light spread.
  11. 41chevy

    Horn cover

    Not sure if it is available but I'd use that UV cured adhesive on it
  12. Line lock is mechanical and didn't release smoothly. Went down to 4:10 from 4:88 and back to M&H's at 12 psi. launched at 5500 on a 50/50 mix of Methanol and Benzine. It's really "loose" at those speeds, too much air under neath makes it really wander. Course weighing in at 2160 with 60's chassis tech, being brick shaped contributed to it too. At least it made it's last races on top of it's game. 1962 to 2019 as a gasser. I bought from my dad in 1969 and I retired it on almost the exact date I first raced it 50 years ago.
  13. http://Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  14. Hey Billy, we're here if you need us. most all of the crew here missed ya. Paul
  15. Like to make the Keep on Trumpin in to mud flaps!! Wonder if there's a market for them
  16. Some in VA, some still in Maine and the Reo and GMCs are still working in Riverhead at the farm No they're not afraid. When I went to the 2nd to last meeting I pulled my M917 into the parking space right out side the meeting room window. They all just stared at it's magnificence with an open mouth look of awe.. One AM General dump, 2 AM General power units and one M35 mobile crane is not scary, bring my Riverhead friend Ron Gasser down from the American Armor Museum in VA with a few dozen of his pieces of armor, than they can worry. Anyway ALL of my Am G's have my trade mark happy face on the powered steer and the "Have you hugged a tank today" mud flaps.
  17. Nobody pays attention to a turn signal and 95% haven't a clue what a hand signal is, probably take it as some kind of threat.
  18. 5 Internationals, 1 REO, 4 Autocars, 7 Marmons, 3 AM Generals, 60 or 70 Macks, 3 mid 40's GMC's, 4 Dodges, 3 AA Fords half a dozen motorcycles and close to 100 Mopars, AMC's and Brand X'es. Funny not one COE although I was looking at a Cruiseliner not to long ago but every time I talked to the man the price went up!
  19. Good for him! This weekend in Georga is the last time I'll race my '55. It's with in days of my first pass with it in 1969 (pop ran it from 1962 til I bought it) . I'll install thicker head gaskets, cut the boost way down, plop on one of my 1050 Dominators and run it on a mix of racing and pump gas for cruise nites. Might even paint it since the family paid for a paint job 5 years ago. Tough decision since it's been in primer since 1976. I've been accumulating crap since I was 15 plus stuff from Grandmas farm and trucks and tractors from sisters farm in Maine. Aside from my grandson who loves my 55 and son and daughter in law who wants my Steeda Focus the rest of the stuff is already set with an auctioneer immediately on my achieving room temperature.
  20. Always like the Minis course I also likes the Austin Americas too. You are one of a very small group who know what and SP2 is. When we looked at Type 3 in 1972 at Courtesy VW they had an SP in the corner of the shop. The owner imported for his son. Wanted one since than.
  21. Wouldn't mind importing a VW SP2 as a project" Half century halo effect" except I still own most all the cars from my early age except 3 that I sold at auction a few years ago. A his and her set of 1971 440 Challengers and a 1971 340 six pack Duster. All 3 un titled and raced since new.
  22. And most of the heavy rads were painted aluminum from Mack on the 613 and the 615 wide hoods. PHOTO CREDIT BRAD DUNKIN
  23. Late 1955 dealer spec sheet for 1956 and up.
  24. I still have 2 40 foot containers of New parts. I went to older autoparts stores and hardware stores that were open in the 40's and 50's and bought all their old dead stock, Brake shoes, drums , hydraulics ,gens, starters and regulators, tune up sets, shocks, shock links and probably close to 400 NOS 50's and early 60's tail light and parking light lenses in the boxes. Bought all the speed equipment from a place called Cavaliri Auto parts. All 40's and 50's stuff for Olds, Buick, Caddy, Ford flatheads and Y blocks, Fox Craft fender skirts, Cal Custom Lakes pipes, appleton dummy spotlights and universal blue dot kits, a box full of license plate reflectors on bolts to hold you plates on an the prize is a 100 foot roll of clear insulated copper core ignition wire and two clear small block chevy distributor caps. When the NY fire depts racing trucks were going from Chrysler 392 hemis and 413 , 426 wedges I bought close to 50 of the from various depts on Long island complete take outs less distributors. Paid 250 to 350 a pop. Still have most of them. Yep I'm a hoarder.
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