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  1. in Aussie they called them .............Flintstones!
  2. Looks like a Peterbilt to me.............hehehehe so whateth Volvo doesth so doesth Paccar.
  3. How about the old Fat Harvey's on I-5 in Canyonville, OR. Big sign along the freeway said...."Don't pass Fat's gas"! You had to of eat'n there to understand that one! My old man and I rolled in there late one night and there was a new bathroom built off the fuel island. We both walked in and stared at the rain gutter along a 4ft high block wall with a lean to shed roof over it. My Dad looked at me and said this place put trucks stops back 5o yrs.
  4. Appears to be the first Mack Leavitt's drove. Friend sent this pic to me today as he must be at the logging show in Eugene, Oregon. Leavitt's hauls up and down the west coast but no modern Macks in the fleet. They haul a lot of over length poles for the power companies. I never knew this truck existed either. Just shows you that a lot of old Macks are in hiding.
  5. Out west a famous one was the Pantyhose Junction also known as Aladero in Dunnigan, CA. Had to be where the words from the old Butt Naked song came from.........We've got those 300lb waitresses stuffed in bikinis hungry for love...
  6. John Cheeseman Fort Recovery, Ohio.................now Zumstein??
  7. I have 4 B755's and out west they were quite popular however 3 of the 4 now have in line cummins in them as that was the engine of choice for loggers after the V8's gave up. I have heard stories of those that loved them and those that hated them. The late Bob Brown told a story when he was the service manager for Mack in the NW a fleet of 864's were sold to a company in Alaska and he said it was a disaster as he considered it to be an experimental engine especially when turbo'd. His opinion was this experience hurt Mack sales in Alaska ever since.
  8. I believe the White history files went to the ATHS library as a donation from Volvo?
  9. How about Bailey's in New Castle, PA? they were also a White dealer. I went by there a few years ago and all closed up. I could not believe how small the garage doors were to the shop. No one ran tall stacks back then.
  10. There is no Oxygen in the exhaust of a diesel and the spark plug with propane wont work. was told I would have to add O2 to the mix or basically an acetylene torch..........too dangerous for me. My LT will get an orange cone at night with a decent load on it. My retarder on the Pete just might not be enough to do it although it sure works the engine.
  11. There was also another prototype that ran Canada and I believe it had the big bore 6 cylinder Mack diesel in it? The engine is now in the museum at the customer center.
  12. I have been playing with fuel mixtures to get fire/orange glow out the stack of a two six bits cummins I have on a retarder. Anyone with an idea that would help on this? I just can't seem to lug it down with enough power to produce the flame. I can do it on my LT with same type engine pulling a load. If anyone has seen Tally's display at shows he puts out a big flame but wont tell me the secret!
  13. I have the lockers on our Pinnacle and it makes all the difference!
  14. Anyone remember Pops near Streetsboro, Ohio??
  15. Most all of the off road Macks in the NW came out of the Hanna Nickel Mine in Riddle, OR. they had a fleet of them.
  16. With the Mustang H model which is a single drive with a tag, I always pull out of the wet grassy hills at truck shows while the tandems sit and spin. I just release the air in the tag, and add pressure into the bags on the driver. In fact the first time I met Joe was at the bottom of the Siskiyou mountains during a bad snow storm and he told me with confidence that he would have no problem getting over the pass..........and he did.
  17. In 2000 I with with a small convoy making our way to the ATHS Valley Forge show and we stopped at a little truck stop in Kentucky. With us was Jon Guss a member from Utah and he had a nice old Pete with transfer boxes. The tongue on the pull trailer was really long as well and I questioned him if it was even legal in the east as I had never seen one back there. Anyways we are at the fuel pumps and to R model triaxles pull in with the really big dump boxes. You could tell by the accent that these 2 were locals. they spent some time walking around the rig and finally asked Jon what the heck was the purpose of that setup. So Jon explained the transfer dump part and then said with the spread he could also be legal at 80k. They commented back and I believe it was something like near 100k with a special asphalt season permit on those short wheelbase triaxle Macks. That took everyone back as that was unheard of out west and especially on the back of a Peterbilt!
  18. I remember the ads and seeing one when visiting Macungie. It sounds like everyone was accounted for and shipped back to France?
  19. Wow.............. just leave it alone! Send it over to the Mack Customer Center.
  20. yes, that is where I came across the pamphlet and learned there were more songs than I had.
  21. In 1998 a former Mack salesman gave me an old music reel with songs that he said they played at sales meetings. He said that in later years Zenon used a few of them like the one that Roger Miller sung as a play on King of the Road. Zenon would make his appearance with cannon shots and then sing a few of these songs with the guys. Recently I found a pamphlet titled Sing Along with Mack and it has the lyrics for a total of 11 songs. Missing is the Johnny Cash one. Of these 11 I have 6. Anyone know about these? I have contacted the museum but no luck.
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