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  1. June 17 & 186th Annual Ohio Vintage Truck Jamboreeheld at the Ashland Co Fairgrounds in AshlandHosted by the Ohio Chapters of the ATHS. Vintage Truck Show both days, Huge Trucking Memorabilia Display, Swap Meet, On-Site Camping with RV Hookups available. Slow Race, Hook and Drop, Jake-Off, Light Show, Country Convoy, and Truck Pull. In place of Registration and Admission fees - donations to Ashland Food Bank and Shriner’s Transportation Fund appreciateContact: Bill PetersEmail: wep515@gmail.comPhone: 330-682-1707Website http://www.ohvintrkjam.comLocation DetailsAshland County Fairgrounds 2042 Claremont AvenueAshland Ohio
  2. Here is the first round of pictures. With all the rain and threatening weather we still had over 200 trucks registered. http://www.ohvintrkjam.com/2014-picture-slideshow.html
  3. The Ohio Vintage Truck Jamboree is hosted by all Ohio chapters of The American Truck Historical Society. Black Swamp, Buckeye Vintage Haulers, Greater Cincinnati, and Northeast Ohio Chapters. The 2nd annual show in June 2013 saw over 200 registered trucks! Blue skies greeted visitors as they walked through the beautifully maintained show grounds of the Ashland County Fairgrounds. Guests were treated to trucks from as far away Illinois and Michigan. An exclusive feature of the show is it's trucking memorabilia display building. Thousands of rare and unique pieces of trucking history were placed on display. http//www.ohvintrkjam.com
  4. Just wondering whatever happen to the Wellington Mack that ATHS was going to auction off at their 2012 convention?
  5. You have my deepest sympathy we have all been there.
  6. Pulling for Diesel, how are things going?
  7. How is your dog doing this morning? Better we all hope.
  8. I ve always used McMaster Carr without a problem, with them being 8 miles away with will call can't beat that.
  9. Here is my 1962 White 9064TD, 195 cummins, 5 speed direct with eaton 3 speed tandem , originally a Spector Freight truck.
  10. Just wondering around what year and model (if possible) Mack truck would these wheels be from? They have Mack right on the hub. The engine was originally a skid engine and the wheels were add in 1960's. Thanks Dan
  11. Mack at work at the Wellington show. 1968 R600. B-Model a friend of mine owns has nice enough to move the 1936 Frick 110Hp that I had just bought at auction.
  12. Here is the flyer for show. 2013 STEEL VALLEY ATHS CHAPTER ANTIQUE TRUCK SHOW.pdf
  13. Here are more pictures of show and the 2nd link also have videos of the truck pull. The had 227 trucks, collect a van full of non perishable food and $2500 for the Ashland Co. Food Bank. https://sites.google.com/site/northeastohiochapterofaths/home/2013-ohio-vintage-truck-jamboree http://www.blackswampaths.com/gallery.html
  14. Very glad you got most of your stuff back and also very sad to hear who the thief was. I think you are absolutely right in having your grandson "face the music".
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