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  1. Forgot to ask, what was the fuel pressure going down the road? should be 80 to 100. I have had trucks that had good pressure at idle but low going down the road. We just overhauled a 2000 460 etech last week and the "new" mack reman heads were bad, with low compression. We have also seen remack heads come with the intake valves installed in the exhaust valve locations.
  2. Last year I swapped an engine in a 2006 CV (AI400). and after the swap the truck had very low power, I worked 3 days on trying to get the power back up. Problem was i had left a ground wire off the grounding bolt on the block below the starter, it was like daylight and dark it the power. Check the ground wires at the starter and ground breaker on the fire wall. worked for me, good luck.
  3. You cant wear that motor out, its bulletproof. We only keep 2 parts instock for Midliners, the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and thats it. Parts are hard to look up and every time we order something it comes in wrong. The interior cab parts are kind cheap and flimsy but over all I would buy it if the price was right. They seem to last forever.
  4. Back in the late 80's while at the Mack school they told us to use " edible beef tallo" (exact words) to lube the rubber bushings. When I asked the instructor what this was he said cow fat. While writing this reply I looked in my old Mack service manual for a MB685 printed in 1973 says to " coat rubber insulators with liquidsoap. do not use grease or oil."
  5. Many years ago when I first started working at a mack dealer I had to pull a injector on a ole 2valve head E-6, I tried the pry bars and no good, then squirted PB Blaster (very good stuff if you havent tried it) down the side of the injector and tried the pry bars again and still no luck. I found an old injector line and cut the nut off of it and welded a hardened large washer to it, then screwed it on the injector and attached a chain to the washer and hooked it to our overhead lift and pulled up with the lift and used a air hammer to finally break it loose and out it came. I have seen guys
  6. We have streched out a CX and a CXH and have had rv bodies (38foot) added to the back of the cab, They were really nice, only problem is turning radius compared to regular rv's. The first one we had built was at Showhaulers and the one we are having built now is at S&S. Our boss has race cars and uses these to pull the trailers. The CX had a eaton auto shift and the CXN had a eaton super10 but we changed it to a auto shift also.
  7. Cool site. When I first came to work a Mack dealer back in 87 we had 2 old striped (mint condition)Brockway cabs out back in the bone yard. They looked like F-models but said brockway, one was lime green, the motors were missing, an old timer that was working here at the time said that one had a Scanny? motor in it. I'll never forget that lime green cab, sadly the cabs went to the crusher.
  8. I was impressed by how small the I-shift trans was. The one I saw looked like it had a aluminum case and was not much bigger than a 5 speed mack 200 series trans. I dont know what model of I-shift it was though.
  9. If its a 4-5 code, most of the time its the wastegate on the turbo, we replace alot of them, seems the diaphram blows. We have also seen them not adjusted right and then getting to much boost, it is very important to adjust them by the book, its a pain in the ass to do it that way but its the only way to do it right. When the dealer reads the codes he can go to the fault reporter and it will tell him the exact time and date the last 5 code were active, so try to remember time and date of fault and have them look it up. Alot of the time there are so many codes on a truck we dont know where to
  10. Volvo is now importing their I-shift trannys, it's an auto trans kinda like the newer eaton autoshifts, we saw one in school last year but it was 48volt made for the middle-east market. I did hear that it would be offered in macks in 08 or 09.
  11. In the mack parts system it says it is available as a part# 85727 but doesnt say what brand of filter it is.
  12. The DPF's that are giving the most problems are on the LE and MR units. They are a totaly different type than whats on the CH,CX and Granits. These problem DPF's are made by Meritor who (as to my understanding) have given up on making DPF's and sold it off to a company called EMCON, after the first of the year Meritor will no longer offer product support for these DPF,s. I'm not a big fan fan of anything Meritor, I am the warranty admin at a Mack Dealer and have more problems trying to get them to warranty their junk, I even took the time to write the main office at Meritor to tell them what I
  13. We had another DPF issue, an LEU intransit to Canada, it already broke down for a month at another Mack dealer and now it made it another 200 miles to our shop, just a bad temp sensor but it would not regen so it derated the engine down to no power. First time we had to mess with this style DPF it alot different than the ones on the CHU,CXU and GU's. When I did a service regen man did it smoke, the flame temp got to almost 1900 degrees inside but it sure cleaned the soot out.
  14. what part of the diagram do you need. Our diagrams are very large and I cant fit it all on one page.
  15. Turns out there was an old truck show in town and that GMC was in it. I went by the show late today after it was over and ther was a sweet looking orange B-model pulling a trailer with a couple other old pick-up on it. Wish I had brought my camera.
  16. We sure dont need the DPF but the EPA says so, just wait till 2010 when they have to add urea injection. The DPF is filter in the exhaust that catches all the soot, when it starts to get full a light comes on the dash and the driver pushes a button to regen/clean the filter. There is a seventh fuel injector in the exhaust pipe behind the turbo, when the regen starts this injector shoot fuel down the exhaust into the filter where the filter element starts to get really hot 1000-1100 degrees, this burns up the soot. Heres a diagram of the urea injection coming soon, last I heard this will be add
  17. Post some pics if you can. I like to see the before and after pics when you get done with her. Good luck.
  18. Saw this old GMC this morning and took some pics. Anyone know what year?
  19. If it still has the black plastic plug on the end of the harness the plug will be lettered A-F F is ign and A is battery. Here is the only diagram I could find. Hope it helps
  20. The Mack Performance Tour came by for the day, the had loaded trailers for test drives. If one comes by your area check it out.
  21. They already have a kit for the Ford Powerstrokes that replaces the DPF and it comes with a programer to delet regens, A man could make some money if he came up with one for big trucks. As long as the truck wasnt going to Californy I think no one would notice.
  22. This is our first problem with a DPF, turns out it was a plugged 7th injector, New upgraded injector is not supposed to clog.
  23. Good luck. I must say the Onecall guys are pretty up to date on the DPF stuff and dont ya just love VCADS
  24. Did the front 2 MR's have MP-8's?, saw the extra cooling fans on the back. What was the failure. I'm dealing with a DPF injector failure on an MP-8 this morning, fun fun.
  25. I think it was from the mid 50's. We used to have the serial# somewhere . When it get cold enough for the snakes to go unger ground I'll go out and gets some more info on it. Where did you get that AC?
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