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  1. The 'Half Century of Progress' show is going on, preceeding the Farm Progress show which is this week-tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Happens every other year when the Farm Progress show is in IL. I believe the Half Century show is in Rantoul, IL, north of Champaign about 15 miles on I-57. If you go on youtube there are a ton of videos of it. I'd like to go sometime, but work never permits. But this year I plan on going to the Farm Progress show.
  2. I saw you headin north on I-39 between rt 64 & 72 the other day...4-5 in the afternoon. I tried yellin on ch19 but to no avail. Sharp lookin truck you have.
  3. My dad and I went to see one a few years ago...2004-05ish. Pretty neat stuff. The funny/bizarre thing about those though, is the railfan nut jobs that HAVE to follow the thing the WHOLE way and stop at nothing to stay beside it if there's a road that parallels the tracks.
  4. High commodity prices are driven mainly by speculation. Corn is pretty well tied in with oil. Look back over the past 10 years and see that the spikes in oil are closely followed by a spike in grain. Keep in mind that only a fraction of the corn crop actually makes it to store shelves, most is either used as livestock feed or fuel and the remainder is exported. But if you produced a product you'd choose to sell it to the highest bidder...I'd hope anyway. And...a pretty good portion of the starving people throughout the world will remain starving until there's a regime change in their gov'
  5. Thought the O'Hare towing was a Chicago area thing...
  6. Me thinks Bigen is down thataway too...wonder how he's doin...
  7. Well, I'm with you on that one. To me, 130,000+ acres of prime farmland has more worth than Cairo (I've been watching youtube videos of it, wow what a shithole). I hope the people of MO tear the COE to shreds.
  8. Anyone on here near Birds Point whatchamacallit...? I want some first hand eyewitness video/accounts/pictures of when they blow it up.
  9. Ha...my dad used to have a 4-wheel drive tractor with one of those in it. That thing would scare the crap out of me when I was little.
  10. SOmebody was sayin that's how you like your women too...
  11. I still say the late 90's to early 00's Macks with 6" pipes are the best sounding trucks on the road...
  12. Soooo...half barrel party at Rowdy's house this weekend...?
  13. The one I've got was originally a 460hp and was turned to 525...with 6" pipes on it... But the jake is pretty obnoxious. I'm pretty happy with it so far.
  14. Gotta get one of those smart phones so you can mix your work time in with your interweb time...multi-task. I was gonna run a load of crane mats down to Arkansas the other day but instead it was given to someone who actually had 'authori-tah' to run outta state... I would've let you buy dinner at that show-me-hooters place you always talk about.
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