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    always enjoyed trucking did it with my grandfather who raised me from 8 yrs till my mid 20's then went to seek my fourtune in home building did fine with that until early 2008 good thimg i kept my cdl's looks like trucking is going to save my butt
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  1. Got it priced for $36,000 Its ready to go to seattle or hook to a dump or dry bulk Been seeing them on truck paper in the high $40s Just need to sell it!
  2. Its been a couple years since ive been on here Been up in north dakota for a while Got me a company job, so im selling my truck Anybody tthat remembers me knows how i took care of my pride & joy Im got it priced to sell So anybody interested give me a call 636-208-2818
  3. I think I seen her in Elpaso workin the back row
  4. The nut came loose. On the actuator I'm using a hammer and chisel (spanner nut) How tight should this nut be, I don't have a clue????
  5. I nursed it to salt lake city, was quickly informed they needed a copy of the paid receipt, wich I produced, I was informed Mack wouldn't pay any on the repair So I headed for Mackpro, hit a deer along the way, knew I shoulda put on a cow catcher a couple years ago. Can't wait to see my fresh paint and cow catcher And there was no problem with Mack warranty on the vgt actuator
  6. My favorite is My moma just throwed me out and I need $40 for cigs and a room
  7. Had to replace Vgt actuator 4 or 5 months ago This morning soon as I hit the on ramp west north platte,Ne. same problem 700 miles to salt lake. Think I can limp that far???????
  8. Inverter, tv, printer, laptop, fridge, coffee pot, dome lights, phone charger, I usually start it every 12hrs or so. But went about 30hrs this time.
  9. Third set of batteries in a year This set is less than 2 month, at least one bad maybe more
  10. I had a 2001 that had a jakobs engine brake My power leash does it's best between 1600 and 1800
  11. Don't know if you read owners manual Engine brake automatically turns off around 1,800 rpm's
  12. I had similar problem, took a while to pinpoint the problem I started with running the overhead, O rings, wireing and such, it is affected by oil pressure The next thing is boost Should be making 15 to 20lbs of boost at 1600 rpm's on 6% grade Engine fan is around 25 brake horse power After going through all that, my engine brake was still terrible. VGT actuator went out, got that replaced and new exhaust manifold gasket Boost during engine braking went from 5psi to 18psi Made huge difference, was going off 6% like you, now I go off the same hills grossing 75,000 in 6th or 8th fanning the brake occasionally in 8th near 40 mph Hope this helped
  13. Just checked the radar looks like dangerfield to Texarcana getting hammered
  14. I have an empty battery box on passenger side, But my empty weight now Is 32,100 lbs Gotta do my best to keep it under 32,000
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