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  1. when the engine goes to idle I am coasting. thats how I know it is out of gear.
  2. when I said the two top positions I meant 12 and 13. the shift lever does not move, and if I press back on the fuel pedal it will ingauge again. Ron
  3. Please help, In the two top positions when I take foot off throttle it disingauges and if I press on the throttle again it re-ingauges, this will happen in high range, could this be a air pressure problem, or something in the trans. also the two top positions don't feel like it goes fully into them when I shift. Ron Triano this is a 2001 Vision CX613, 007564
  4. Thanks for all the replys, glad to see others have the same problem. hope all you have a nice day. Ron
  5. I have a 2001 Mack Vision 450 HP the jake has a two position sw and while I am loaded (approx 75000 lbs) going down a 6% hill I have to be in 3rd or 4th low range to hold it back, My question is: is it just not working well or should it be more effective. everyone else is passing me by while I am down to about 15 or 20 MPH. Thanks Ron Triano
  6. The light comes on every now and then, is the injector sensor serviceable? is the injector 3 maybe clogged? Thank you for any reply Ron
  7. Is there a good way to find out part numbers other than calling the parts dept. at a Mack dealer Thanks Quickie
  8. what kind of grease mud and dust do you have in -20 degrees? Quickie
  9. Now that I have a new engine in my 01 Vision I would like to start on the exterior. driving around the Sierra's in and out of the snow the paint on my front bumper looks terrable. Any Idea's? Ron
  10. will be getting a Mack rebuilt engine and wonder what the dimensions are for replacing the clutch disk and clutch brake parts if the bearing, spline, and all else looks ok.
  11. Thanks all for the imfo. today I looked at the old turbo and the bearings were shot, blades were ok. they had took off one main and one rod cap. those bearings did not look burnt or blue. I ordered a long block from Mack and should have it in about a week. Ron Triano
  12. Parked the truck thursday night, Friday started it up and no oil pressure, took it two blocks to the mechanic that has been working on it. after putting the computer to it he said it was the turbo, Changed it and still no oil pressure. changed the oil pressure sensor, still nothing. he then took off the oil pan. now he tells me the shaft for the oil pump is broke and the crank is blue. he also said the engine is now junk and would be around 20,000. to fix out of the frame. for some reason I don't trust this sequence of remedies. When I took it to him the temp was ok, both oil and coolant. but no oil pressure. the on board computer said it may shut down. however I only went two blocks. how easy is it to change the oil pump and shaft? if the crank is truly blue it must have been hot at some time. always had good oil pressure. (starting and first 15 minutes around 60#, after warming up between 40 and 50 while driving. at idle around 25#. anyone have any ideas. Ron Triano
  13. finally found the fan sw to be bad. that ended the problem.

  14. have been with this problem for a year. Replaced all filters, flushed out oil cooler off the engine, replaced sensors on coolant and oil, replaced radiator, water pump, thermostat, Fan comes on at 200 deg, but oil temp runs 250 to 270 on flat with 75000, van load. then goes up if I climb a grade, have to slow to 10 MPH to keep it under 270. if it goes over that the 1/4" air hose from compressor to governor blows from the turbo heat. Can I hook a override sw for the fanto be able to turn it on when I want. Mack rep says 250 to 270 is ok for short periods. help Ron
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