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  1. Were you guys there? You really couldnt be more wrong, the crowd went nuts and you could feel the energy. Everyone was jumping around when they came out and you could barely see things. I had to wait in line for 5 minutes to get inside one to see it myself. great event if we were quiet it was out of respect to the speakers and empty seats were all the salesmen in the bathroom from the free drinks in between speeched! Dont like the mirrors, dont the click the box, they arent mandatory. This is the new aero highway tractor. The CHU still lives on with the classic look and so does
  2. it had to be a municipal truck, is that what the salesman told you? If so that very well may add up, however uncommon, and be creating the price premium. There are plenty of muni trucks that sit several days of the week or are bought with taxpayer money and used as a spare. I remember the township i grew up in had the dealership do all the maintenance work. Once every other month they would drop it off on a monday and pick it up the next monday...i bet that old girl had low miles
  3. Since it came out they changed hood, headlights, interior and made the cab deeper when switched to MP engines, added set back axle model as said above, changed chassis and added some options in transmissions and suspensions as new things came out
  4. Did you end up getting it? I surprisingly really like the purple, it would stand out and look great next to your yellow Superdog! I'm sure you'll like the extra cab room. I dont think its geared as bad as some are saying, with tall rubber and i think the overdrive gear in the Mack 13 being .71, it should get decent fuel mileage running up to 68 MPH turning right at 1450 RPM and like they said be good for the 2 lane roads too, 1380 RPM running 65. If you are hauling heavy 90k+ like i assume you do with the big crane i see in the picture sometimes, you want something in the 3.5 to 3.9 range
  5. You have to look at your overall drive ratio. Take top gear multiplied by the axle ratio and you will find your overdrive transmission with 3.21 rears is actually geared faster than the direct drive trans, Meaning you may like how the direct pulls slightly better but the cruise rpms may be higher. So the advantage you get with direct drive may be a wash with the higher cruise rpm. But it wont be weak like you are worried about. This is assuming tires are the same between trucks so you'll have to take that into account if not too
  6. One. On an MP8 it is on the front passenger side of the head.
  7. One uses EGR and one does not. Cant cool that much HP with EGR reliably I suppose.
  8. I would like to get the kscarbel take on this....seems confusing to me strategically. Move away from Navistar production (could lower cost, perhaps less margin included from NAV), only to move to USA (american production good) at a plant not making trucks (more labor and tooling, adds cost to product). Quality could go either way (built in USA but no truck experience), but they are still using NAV components and chassis. A new 15L engine, but they dont want to get back into engine business (does that only leave the ISX and DD15?). And all announced in a press release that seems about a year
  9. http://www.auroramack.com/mac_trucks/service/pdfs/PV776-89047073%20_2010%20Emissions_CHU%20CXU%20GU%20TD.pdf Page 34
  10. squeezing 450HP out of an engine originally designed to be 8.3 liters scares me. But I guess Cummins knows what they are doing.
  11. I don't think particular chassis has anything to do with the midliner. Likely just a jokester with some glue and a penchant for Mack Trucks wanting to have some fun with his rig.
  12. Just buy one of these and save ten or 15 grand, its the same thing
  13. Spreads out (diffuses) the extra heat of the emissions engine rather than concentrating it through one hole like a stack
  14. less than 55mph, no difference. Start running at 65+ for extended periods and you will see a difference, albeit not huge. Wind resistance is not a linear curve, the faster you go the more it impacts fuel economy
  15. Tell me how you think price fixing is going on in the USA. I'm interested in how it happens and what is considered price fixing.
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