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    You make a good point, but show me a someone who is running that would be ant better?
  2. LOL. Relax folks. Its just a ruff rule of thumb. OK follow this if you can. A 300 B.C. makes @ 15 lbs of boost. Our 600+ makes @ 30 to 31 lbs of boost. Its not cast in stone just a crude gage. If you have a B.C. making @24 lbs then id she is running good. And yes a dual feed set up will gain you @ 22 to 25 H.P. That's from the "experts" not me. It will also start a lot better and have much better throttle response. Now that ive stirred up a hornets nest im going to watch Trump
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    How could he POSSIBLY be in it for himself? He is worth billions. What does he care other than to get away from the wrong road we have been on for 8 years. What other reason could he have for running? He is arrogant and pushy but who cares. At least he has accomplished a lot in life. What did Obuma accomplish before being elected. Time is up. NOTHING
  4. We have a B.C. 3 doing @ 15 lbs of boost. Then another B.C. 3 doing @ 30 lbs of boost. There is a formula for figuring H.P. I think its for every 1 lb to 1.5 lbs of boost a B.C. will make @ 20 to 22 H.P. Now that's a very crude estimate. If you want to make a B.C. respond well get your self a dual feed kit. Well worth the cost. A "Fast Fuel" will make a big improvement also. I do those things before getting into the pump. Also make sure your fuel supply lines are big enough and in good order. Seen that happen a few times where the lines were detereating and restricting fuel flow. Remember this, Air is free, give it all it wants. have a good fuel flow to the pump. Then tinker from there
  5. Oh I got my 186 in the wrong place. Intresting just the same
  6. Thought they only made around 186 MH Magnums? Not questioning you just courious. And yes you could order a Magnum in 84 with the 500. it wasn't delivered until 85
  7. And a straight pipe too. Whats the placard on the front of trailer for?
  8. Cool pictures. Even like the Square headlight Cruiseliner
  9. Some straight trucks used the trolley brake. Mostly in dump truck applications. It was handy when paving. Left your feet free. I would think you could block the line going to your service brakes
  10. Dual leveling valves are a PITA! But they are necessary with Neway I M O. We have had a few Neway's and discovered the grief of 2 valves is worth it. Otherwise your Bulldog may look like its going down the road with 1 leg shorter than the other
  11. But is that a Mack or a Volvo powered reMack?
  12. Wow. Just like in antique farm tractors. The equipment is becoming worth as much as the trucks and tractors. I like to see a "unit" at a truck show. Gives folks what it was like in back the day. Nice piece you have there. Not a popular name to me. Were there a lot of?
  14. Awesome job. She will be better than new!!!
  15. LOL. Detroit engines are made for a real man. If ya cant stand the noise ya bettah go find another line of work. Gee im glad I don't go across country with one. But I do own and operate a few still
  16. Were those front mounted directional an option? I was thinking that model didn't relate to a Cummins. The interior appears to be decent
  17. Air ride cab will make a BIG difference!
  18. Huh. A Cummins with a 5 speed. Intresting. Alsothe cab looks older like a 75 or 76 with those directionals
  19. You have an old school truck. It NEEDS old school flappers. If your not going to put 80,000 on miles a year then who cares about the small amount of noise. You have done a very nice job with that truck. Bottom line, it is YOUR truck so do what you want. J M O
  20. you are most likely on the right track. Just because I have seen this problem before check the return fuel to the tank. make sure there are aren't any restrictions. Usually associated with numb throttle response. Like RPM's not coming down fast
  21. I have not ever seen a Cruiseliner with the air cleaner mounted down behind the wheel
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