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  1. I have not ever seen a Cruiseliner with the air cleaner mounted down behind the wheel
  2. I thought 81 was the last year of the F model. Wow. Thanks for setting me straight. Learn something every day
  3. I put 5 gallon pails 1/3 full of old antifreeze with bird seed in the pail in each truck. Catching 2 to 4 mice a week.
  4. . Well here we go. BACK "in the day" we had a 82 Cruiseliner. It was only 5 years old. 350 Mack with the front ATAAC Fuller 10 speed, which sucked, 3.87 ratio on tall 24.5's. Truck was 185 W.B. We did install air ride cab. That truck rode so hard the windshields settled and cut the rubber on the bottom. Now I pulled a Bullrack so there are a lot of empty miles. Oh it 34,000 camelback. Fast forward to today. I run an 83 Cruiseliner that has an E9 shorter W.B. but has Neway suspension. As bad as that 82 rode this one rides to the good! I honestly say this truck rides as good as most any up to date conventinal ive run. It really is a VERY nice riding truck
  5. Don't believe ive ever seen a G with an exterior visor. That's cool
  6. Thanks. I knew the G model was short lived. Love to be able to afford a G along with another clean F and then a MH Magnum. Not that I want much
  7. Do you suppose it was an R700 that has been "updated"?
  8. The gages are all together different. The dash around the Tach and Speedo was known for breaking.. Unlike the Cruiseliner which used the same gages as the Superliner the MH had it own. Not to stir up a Hornets nest but I have been told that the same engineer who designed the Ford CL had a hand in designing the MH. There are a lot similarities.
  9. Lol. They are a nice truck. Fiberglass or "Maxiglass" cab. There durable, quiet, rust proof. In the day the only drawback was Mack wouldn't make a Double bunk. My issue is the dash. Not the most durable. Only other point is when wiring you must run a ground wire too
  10. Please don't take a limited edition truck and cut just for the engine. They didn't make nearly as many Magum MH's as they did Superliner's
  11. Whats wrong with it? How much are you asking for it?
  12. I didn't win powerball so no Liberty Superliner or Ultraliner for me
  13. Wow. She's a short one, but sure looks proud hooked to that Michigan special
  14. That's a shame. Sorry to hear that. I had the frame on mine repaired. Its holding up well. There was a Schwind Cruiseliner for sale in Fl next town over from our place. My father followed it and said it looked sharp from a distance. I wondered what he ment, maybe it wasn't so nice up close
  15. Did all LM's have that exhaust set up? The one I hauled had the off set cab. It came from Newport, N.H. Jct of 11 and 103. I forget the mans name who owned that garage but he had a lot of interesting stuff
  16. I think you are correct. Brian Schwind out of Wi. Nice trucks. Im not sure about the "eastcoast" grills in the "westcoast" trucks. I understand he wanted them to all look alike but it detracts from them I M O
  17. COME on Powerball hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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