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  1. WOW!!!! What a pretty picture. Tube type wheels and all
  2. The green DM had the hood open and the fenders tipped up later in the day. That must have been one Tuff truck for its day. Check out the Powerliner beside it. 3408 Cat with a 6 & 4 tranny set up
  3. LOL. Ok you are right on that. And lets face it, frame strength is not a place to "Let's see if this holds."
  4. Are you sure of that? Ive seen plenty of trucks stretched or made into something they werent and working everyday many years later.
  5. A 71 series will lull you to sleep. Then again a farmer i knew had a 353 powered skidder that his 2 young kids would be bundled up in during the winter sound asleep while riding in the cab
  6. ws721


    I was able to get one from Manchester Glass in N.H. 603 622 6737
  7. Have 48' Drop deck trailer going from N.H. to Wisconsin. Anytime after 7/29/20 calls are best 603 765 1361
  8. Now if your going to promote your truck at least put Alum wheels on it
  9. Thanks for the story and pics. Is that cab a full 90 inches? Looks a bit shorter. Best of luck
  10. They also made a steel hauler cab. Or at least someone did. So maybe 3 versions?
  11. How many cab variations were there for the S series?
  12. Now tell me again the advantage to a "conventional"? LOL
  13. Just received my Crank Letter. They still planning on haveing the show in Aug
  14. AWESOME. Just plain awesome👍
  15. Sure look the same, but I was wrong once before
  16. Thought the MH came out in 81 at the end of the F models?
  17. You would be correct. Now the 9800's could be axle forward or set back. But this is a 9700
  18. Pulling Transfer sled in a 300' pull with my 1951 JD A my friends would set up a card table at the end of the track because it took me so long to get there. LOL. Use to say I could time that tractor with a calender
  19. Plowed snow with a R 400 Scania that had a straight 5 speed. Great plow truck, didn't have power enough to break traction and had good heat because it was always working its 140 HP to the max. LOL
  20. If the trucks birthday is Jan 2000 then chances are the engine was built in 1999. If that's the case it is exempt from ELD. Friend runs a 2000 Freightliner. Gets a lot to see his ELD. Tips the hood, shows them the 1999 engine build date and he is exempt
  21. Yes thanks for sharing. Back when trucks were trucks. Does anybody remember the dark blue J&F Macks? I think they had a 1 piece subframe that the cab & sleeper sat on and was air ride?
  22. Its the V pump. Engine is an 1982. I need just the Hand Primer. That's whats leaking
  23. So my local dealer tells me the hand primer is obsolete. They did give me the following part #. Old # is 318GC17C. New # is 5479-102077. Does anybody have an idea where I may buy a pump? Mine is leaking fuel in a steady stream. Thanks in advance
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