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  1. No, this one just has a regular 3 stage switch. Sometimes the 3rd stage will act up and it only comes on medium (It's actually at the shop getting fixed now), but I think even on just 4 cylinders it works at least as good as the E7 I used to drive did on high!
  2. I have never had the fortune to drive an E9 but I agree with you about the Jake on the Signature for sure! While I have by no means driven every engine out there(not even close), nothing else that I have driven will hold back even close to how that Cummins will.
  3. Not really a huge deal to me, I just drive it I don't own it. LOL. I do try my best to take care of it though. I was just wondering because my boss had also heard of some blowing up(at fairly close to the miles and hours ours is at), but not really with any first had knowledge of what had actually happened. I will say it is definitely a nice running motor as long as it holds together.
  4. How common is this on the Signature 600? I'm just curious because the truck I am currently driving has one.
  5. VW W-8 or W-12 maybe? https://partsolutions.com/engineering-hall-of-fame-the-volkswagen-w-engine-and-the-bugatti-w16/
  6. Is that the one behind Market Basket? I got rid of a bit of junk there a month or so ago.
  7. Yup. It hasn't happened to my town's road crew, but a couple of the other local towns have had it happen.
  8. That's what I did in the RD I used to drive and what I do in the 359 I drive now. Sounds kind of goofy and doesn't really look nice, but works surprisingly well.
  9. That's how the '96 RD I used to drive was too. So they must have used the knob for quite a while at least on some trucks.
  10. That truck always makes me look twice when I see it on the road. Definitely an unusual set up.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v43wjjNFIk
  12. Hay squeeze http://oregonroadrunner.com/about.htm
  13. Looks like a Maxim fire truck.
  14. I have seen that B-71 at a couple of shows before and while it is beautiful, it confuses me. As far as I know the B-71 was equipped with a Cummins of some sort, and its grill/radiator was extended out beyond the fenders, like this one that I have seen at Macungie
  15. I thought the parking lot looked familiar, but couldn't tell for sure from that angle. Wonder if they will ever fill the empty stores in that plaza (former Borders and Circuit City)?
  16. Here is a discussion on another forum that you might find helpful. http://www.largecarmag.com/board/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11597
  17. I have talked to him a couple of times, but don't really know him. Seems like a nice guy. Has a nice truck too.
  18. logtruckman, was that you this morning(Wednesday) at about 10:30 coming off of 142 onto mainstreet in Brattleboro behind Russel Stoddard?
  19. I had an older Tacoma for a while. It was a 2001 regular cab 4x4 4 cylinder 5 speed manual with a stepside (very rare) bed. Completely different configuration then you are talking about. It was a great little truck. I only had it a few years and decided to get another full size pickup. Nothing wrong with the truck, just wanted something bigger. Now, as to the newer Tacomas, I don't have any personal experience with them, but I will say there are a TON of them on the road around here, so they must still be doing something right. If I was in the market for a small truck again, it would probably be my top pick.
  20. Been past there many times. If you continued on into Gorham on Rt 2 just a bit beyond the bottom of the big hill there is a road on the left called Jimtown road. Our camp was off of Jimtown road.
  21. Whereabouts in Gorham was the cabin? We had a camp in Gorham when I was a kid. Nice town.
  22. Its too bad about RN Johnson. There are a lot of people around here with Deeres and now there is no dealer even remotely close. When it first happened they said they were going to try to find a different tractor line and keep going, but they were unsuccessful and will be closing at the end of the month.
  23. I think it must show up as a new topic when someone votes in the poll. I'm not sure though.
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