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  1. ...and just how do you know where I was and what I was doing?..you been following me?🤨
  2. You're welcome, it was a good show, as always. I don't think there were as many trucks as last year, but there was a lot that I hadn't seen before.
  3. She's planning to fly up-on a plane- later this month to go to Colfax too. She flew from Sanford to Roanoke, round trip, for $55. You can't beat that, it takes $55 in gas to get from here to Danville, and when she sends me a text message saying that she's on the plane in Sanford, I leave here going to Roanoke. A couple of times she was on the ground in Roanoke before I got there, and i've never had to wait more than a few minutes.
  4. It's a good little show, no doubt! It used to be a big show, until I went to Macungie one time. Zina from Florida flew up to go too- on a plane.
  5. I love this stuff, true examples- The late Gene Dixon, owner of Kyanite Mining Corporation, once tried to check in to a fancy motel in the Norfolk/ Va. Beach. They refused him a room because he looked liked regular folks, and he had been drinking, as the story goes. He bought the motel and fired everybody. Johnny was in the Southern Belle Truckstop in Berkeley Springs one night, got to talking with a couple of other drivers in there. When they left and went outside, one of the others said "what are you driving?" He pointed to an F model with a load of green lumber and said "that Ma
  6. This was probably my favorite truck at the Tri State ATHS Show in Winchester last weekend. I've always liked the D-860 GMC's, ever since I was a wee lad, probably because one used to pass by my house several times a week when I was a kid. You could hear that 6-71 coming long before it ever got there, so we always had time to run to the front yard to watch it go by. I really think that truck was the reason I always wanted to drive a truck. Now, after 41 years, the thrill is gone, but... I was thinking that this truck might have been the one Fred Craig had, but I do not kn
  7. Sorry for my tardiness with the pictures, I sent the film off to be developed and I just got the pictures back😁
  8. Missed a couple, farmer52- And this beautiful B53 has been at about every truck show i've ever been to- the owner is another really nice guy too.
  9. I saw this fellow wearing this Watt's T shirt so I asked him who he was and he said "Fuzzy Buzzard". Super nice guy, it was nice to meet him. Here's Fuzzy Buzzard leaving in a cloud of smoke- And one of the nicest looking Superliners i've seen- And all the rest of the pictures are here- the yellow GMC D860 was outstanding! https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157711144761641
  10. Got my books today! The coloring book is actually very good too, it's more of a book to read than a kid's coloring book. I haven't read it yet, but I will. Probably won't color any pictures though.
  11. Yes, I talked to him, but he actually called me. He wanted to know if i'd gotten his last stories and the latest version of his book with those added stories. I told him that I had gotten them, and felt pretty ashamed that I had not acknowledged getting it. I thought I had sent him an e-mail, but apparently I had not! And he had also recommended this same book to me before, but I have not ordered it.
  12. Exactly, like Peterbilts and KW's are mostly what you see at truck shows, and what everybody seems to want. No doubt nice trucks, but I like seeing the Fords, the Dodges, the GMC's, etc. One of the best, if not the best, cars I ever owned was a 1970 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Had a 350 in it, automatic, power windows, just a sharp looking car. I've had a 68 Tempest, 72 Nova, 70 Chevelle SS, 68 Camaro, and more, but if there was one I should have kept and restored it would be that Oldsmobile. It looked a lot like this, same color but different wheels. Mine had factory wheels that looked ki
  13. This one was in Martinsburg, WV. This was in Bedford, Va. I like them both, but that one ton Ford is the cat's ass. Be a much more practical grocery getter and trash hauler-offer.
  14. The first truck I ever drove that had power steering and a working AC.
  15. I knew the comma was wrong, it still failed to send after I changed it to a period so I just went with the text message.
  16. That's what i'm going to do too, i'm going to get a money order and make it out to him so he'll get the money directly.
  17. No, it is current. I couldn't send a message to that e-mail address, so I sent him a text message last night asking for an address, and he had answered this morning.
  18. I always had difficulty staying within the lines in coloring books, but thank you for the kind offer. You will like the book, it really is good.
  19. It is really a great book, no doubt. When I saw his post it was...bitter-sweet, I guess you'd say. I was happy to see he was still with us, but it's a little sad to see that he has financial issues. It just seems wrong, but i'm going to help as much as I can too.
  20. I just happened upon the name "Cliff Bishop" on facebook yesterday. He replied to some post on some truck page. I thought "no- it couldn't be THAT Cliff Bishop"- but it was! He wrote the book "18 Wheels North to Alaska", which I have mentioned several times here. It is really a great book, i've had two copies, and i'm gonna order more to help Cliff out. Tells the story of the big Mack trucks on the great arctic expedition, the story of the famous Letourneau "snow train", and much, much more. Just a great read. He also wrote a children's coloring book, I think i'll order a few of them too, to
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