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  1. I wish! I didn't even get a clear picture because I didn't see her in time.
  2. Click on the Peterbilt to see the rest of the pictures, guess I should have mentioned that.
  3. Since we're not in Macungie, here's the pictures from last year to look at- The BMT picture- I finally saw a girl in a car too! I called Poco Loco and ordered a margarita last week, and they still haven't delivered it! Another girl in another car- A Werner truck at the bottom of Sandstone Mountain with hot brakes. I told him on the radio that he should keep going, he was at the bottom and wouldn't need his brakes for several miles, but he must not have had a radio, or it wasn't on. There is several miles of flat ground, then a hard climb for a few more miles, his brakes would have been cool when he got to the top. That's when they are more likely to catch on fire, when you stop like that. If you have to, you have to, but he could have kept going. Oh, another girl in another car- A lizard on a tarp in the yard. A home in Acworth, Ga. that needs the grass cut and according to green dash, the bush trimmed.
  4. ...I don't care what anybody says, that is a sharp-ass looking Peterbilt dump truck right there!
  5. Well, anyhow, here's pictures from last year's show.
  6. Nice pictures, thanks! I like the Lonestars too, they are definitely eye catchers, but I see a lot of those new Western Stars on the road now. I don't know what you call them, or the model, but they're some of the best looking trucks out there in my opinion.
  7. I've hauled a few rolls in and out of Gerdau in Petersburg.
  8. That was a Lilly trailer, from up near Winchester. They had a little yard on 522 a little south of Winchester. I used to see them in the Westvaco paper mill in Covington but I never knew what they hauled either. They had a lot of axles on all their trailers though.
  9. I saw a big Mack truck in Ohio, might have posted it before. I've loaded in Weirton a couple of times and I just cross the river and run down rt.7 to the bridge at St. Mary's, WV and cross over to rt.2 and run it to I-77 at Parkersburg. I saw a picture of a girl in a truck on the interweb. I even saw a flatbed reefer- I saw a helicopter too, but it was in the sky over McKeesport, Pa. This R model was parked at the scrap yard in Port Vue, where I took a load of scrap Inconel. Looks like a 6 speed. Had a hay rake on the trailer. Train in Port Vue, Pa. Mixer in S.C. I haven't seen any girls in any cars, but here's another one from the interweb.
  10. Where is this barber shop located? I could use a little trim myself.
  11. Yes it was, I don't even like a steak too rare, but i'm not eating a rare hamburger at all. I sent her a picture because she wanted to go back by the place she got it from and show it to them.
  12. I've had a couple of people reccomend the Chippewas. I was going to get a pair of Wolverines at Tractor Supply when I got the Schmidt's but they didn't have my size. I liked the Rockys I used to get but they discontinued the Wellingtons that I always got.
  13. Yes, that's where it is. I've been across there several times before but I never noticed it. I turned right at this stop sign and pulled over to take pictures of the rocks and the building was to the right, sitting back off the road a ways.
  14. I haven't posted any pics. for a long time. I haven't been doing a whole lot either, sitting home today as a matter of fact, so I haven't taken a lot of pictures. I took a load of lumber to Parsons, WV last week and the next time one of those western drivers says something like "y'all don't know what a mountain is, these ain't mountains, you need to go out west if you want to see a mountain!" just tell them to take a trip across rt. 33. They have hills out there that are 10 miles long but only a 3 1/2 % grade, and they think that's a big deal. I stopped at Seneca Rocks on the way back and noticed this old building. Just makes me wanna go look inside it, but I didn't. That Ford Tractor sign is probably worth a small fortune, no telling what's inside. I saw a funny cartoon on the old interwebs- And, in other news- the Schmidt's work boots that I bought from Tractor Supply last fall started coming apart already. Last fall- just a few months ago! So Matt said ''you need to get a pair of them there Carolina Boots, they're made in the U.S.!'' So I ordered a pair of them Carolina Boots, and guess what- I started to send them right back, but I did need boots, so I kept them. So far so good, they are pretty comfortable. But next time i'm going to order the black steel toe engineer boots from Carolina, they are made in the U.S. Here is a girl in a car, from the interweb- I went to sunny Florida a while back, but I had to maintain social distancing. I stayed at a motel one night and picked one of these bananas off the banana tree there. It tasted horrible. Zina from Florida brought me some food over to the truck stop the next day and stayed for an hour or so, six feets away. When she left I started to dig into the hamburger that she brought me and found this- I sent her a picture, then threw it out for the crows. I ain't eating a raw hamburger. When I got home I fried 2 potatoes and an onion, and cooked a huge ribeye on the grill. I put the steak on top of the fried potatoes to let it rest, then I just dumped this onto a plate and I ate every piece of it. Best steak ever! It's not burned or over-cooked, it's just seared on the outside, but still pink in the middle! I saw a squirrel. The next time I went to sunny Florida Zina from Florida came over to the rest area on I-4 to visit for a few minutes. They had a food truck in there with some pretty strange food- well, to me it was anyway, I like a ribeye and fried potatoes- but anyhow, the curry goat looked pretty good. It's over rice, with some noodles and plantains. The oxtail looked even better, but I didn't get a picture of it. If that truck is in there the next time I go to Fl. i'm going to try that oxtail, and maybe a sample of the curry goat.
  15. Nice! You don't see many anymore that the rear fender wells have not been cut out.
  16. Wow, great pictures, thank you!
  17. Oh, i'm sure she'll be along before too long...
  18. Yep, that second knob from the left lets you adjust your output power too, it was on about 15 watts when I took that picture, but I usually run it at about 10 watts.They told me when I bought this radio that it does have some over-heating issues, especially in an enclosed space, that's why it had all the cooling fins on the back of it. I bought it on-line too, from https://www.cbradiosplus.com/ great people to deal with. I bought the Connex from them too.
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