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  1. I have some of them, but not all.
  2. I would put Zina from Florida's name on the driver's door of this unit.
  3. We're seriously considering buying this little jewel. Pretty much all it needs is tires and paint. Tires have lots of tread, but they are the original tires- and it's a 1960 model. It has a 345 with only 5,000 miles on it.
  4. Thank you. Yep, that's one of 58FWD's favorites. He likes to pretend he hates it though.
  5. Yes, I know. I know some people that were at a show in Pa. that would have been in Winchester if they weren't, and I'm sure some were in Winchester that would have been in Pa. I mean it's good, but it looks like they would try to not have shows so close on the same day. And you're welcome for the pictures, I do like taking pictures!
  6. No, I kept hoping he would start it, be he never did. It drew a big crowd as soon as he rolled in with it, and somebody pointed out that there was no battery in the pony motor, so we didn't figure he would.
  7. Here's all the pictures I took...well, most of them anyway. https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157716150541671/with/50391034671/?fbclid=IwAR0lbhWYjVudbgNB7pwcELkiKyWbX6P9mW-hWdQ8Xkm0CKtXBw43cUkh3sg
  8. I got all my pictures from Winchester put on Flickr today. https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157716150541671/with/50391034671/?fbclid=IwAR0lbhWYjVudbgNB7pwcELkiKyWbX6P9mW-hWdQ8Xkm0CKtXBw43cUkh3sg
  9. Here's Ollie from Florida, Tom Gannaway, AKA Fuzzy Buzzard, Dave Couto ,AKA maint1. and me, AKA other dog.
  10. I saw Dave Couto too, maint1, but don't have pictures to prove it yet.
  11. We- meaning me, Zina from Florida, and Ollie from Florida- went to the Tri-State ATHS Show in Clearbrook, Va. today. Ollie was thrilled- I can't resize the pictures with my phone, so they might be too big. I saw a V8 Mack there. Nice B model- I thought this was a great paint job, but it's actually a wrap. I saw a few dignitaries too. Like farmer52 Fuzzy Buzzard Underdog, talking to Ollie. Here's a fine looking Dodge, and the nicest D860 GMC I've ever seen, this restoration is just fantastic.
  12. Me too, I don't know what it is and Zina from Florida is still using my home computer for work, so I hardly have access to it any more. We had to upgrade the Hughesnet twice, and triple the amount of data that I used to be allowed. I'm on my phone at the Quality Inn in Winchester, Va. now. We've been at the truck show today, going back tomorrow.
  13. That was the first time I'd been there in about 20 years. I was driving a 98 Freightliner then, going to South Dakota.
  14. The rest of the museum pictures are here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157715946409238/page1
  15. That would be great, i've already told headquarters I'm taking that Friday off.
  16. I gotta add this one- love these D860's!
  17. More Macks in the museum- I saw this one in the mirror when I was getting the pipes unloaded- Pipes at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop. A girl in a car.
  18. I saw a loader with wooden tires on 95. I brought this tractor back from S.C. Starts on gas, runs on diesel. And I saw some big Mack trucks- I stopped at the Iowa 80 and went to the museum when I was on the way to Waterloo.
  19. Well, I unhooked and re-hooked and connected and disconnected enough wires, cables, and hoses to get on my computer for the first time in...in...I don't know, but it seems like a long time. Now I just have to make sure Zina from Florida's computer works again before I leave tomorrow- going to Florida. I wanted to download the pictures off the camera so I can delete them off the camera. Had well over 400 pictures- I take lots of pictures. Last week I had a good load, a load of pipes going to Waterloo, Ia. It was nice to run that way again, not a lot of traffic, and it was 51 degrees w
  20. me neither, or I would have been there! Even if I didn't buy anything I might have gotten to see the legendary 41chevy.
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