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  1. I took it back as clean as it's been since it left the showroom floor.
  2. millions, eh? Sounds good to me, then I could afford the lot rent at most any campground in Florida for a month or two.
  3. Well I hope the boss doesn't see the broken seal on the pump, you'll have to fire yourself for tampering with the pump.
  4. Thank you. I have decided to work until the end of April, and I'm done. I'm just gonna coast until then🤣
  5. Thank you, thank you very much.
  6. True. He was going to Harrisonburg and Macungie this year, so many of you would have gotten to meet him. Zina had already reserved rooms at pet friendly motels for us.
  7. You really do get attached, and they are family. Not "like" family, family. We loved Ollie, and pretty much everything around here centered around him.
  8. Thank you,I will do that.
  9. Yeah, it really sucks. I took off from work today to be with Zina, and today is worse than yesterday. Ollie was only 7 years old, full of energy. She keeps blaming herself, asking me if there was anything she could have done differently, and I keep telling her that it was not her fault, it was just a freak accident. He never went to the road, but he did. There's hardly any traffic here, but there was then. We took him over to the funeral home today, he will be cremated.
  10. Thank you. This was rough, I thought the world of Other Dog but his passing was not unexpected, he was very old and didn't get around very good anymore. But Ollie was our buddy, a fun one at that, full of life, he went everywhere with us. I would always call from just down the road when I was coming home, so he could watch for me out of the front door. Then she would let him out after I stopped and he would run out, like Dino greeting Fred Flintstone I always said.
  11. Ollie went outside with Zina earlier today when she was taking some trash out to the burn barrel. He saw a squirrel right away and took off in hot pursuit- right towards the road. And he never goes towards the road. Until today. And a pickup truck pulling a trailer happened to be passing by and hit him and killed him. I heard Zina screaming and went running but he was dead when I got there. She was sitting on the ground crying, she had to see the whole thing. The guy in the pickup stopped, he was almost crying, and apologized over and over. I was almost crying too- ok, I was crying- when
  12. Sad day for sure. I think the first time I met him was when I was at a nuclear power plant in Jensen Beach,FL. He brought me a cup of coffee over and we talked for a long time. Then when I was visiting Zina from Florida one time she said "we're going to see your friend Ed". So we drove over and met him for lunch at a nice seafood restaurant, sat outside, and talked for a long time. I'm really glad we made that trip now.
  13. I'm kinda the same way, I have some kind of spam blocker on my phone, I don't remember what it's called, but I get calls and it'll say "potential spam", so I just ignore it. I seem to get a lot of them after 5pm, so that's another clue that it's not legit. I pretty much only answer calls from people that are on my contact list, unless their name starts with "R", then I ignore it anyway.
  14. Me and Zina from Gladys will be looking forward to seeing you there!
  15. I'm going to check it out too, I miss Hank's Truck Pictures.
  16. I still tend to over eat sometimes...ok, a lot of times!..and, uhhh...I'm, uh, having my second vanilla coke with some vanilla Jim Beam now. Just got home around noon today-not that that has anything to do with anything.🤣
  17. She's the cat's ass! She says stuff like this-
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