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  1. And as i've said before, this is a great book to read. Tells the story of the convoy, the LeTourneau  snow train, and lots of other things about trucking in Alaska, good stuff.


  2. On 5/10/2019 at 8:38 AM, j hancock said:

    More memories.  Long time ago, I visited the Strasburg Railroad and bought tickets to Paradise.  Also visited the Railroad Museum of PA, stayed at the Red Caboose Motel and checked out the nearby Toy Train Museum.  All a lot of fun!

    I haven't had a chance to go to Steamtown in Scranton but hope to get that way.

    You should have bought two tickets to paradise...just sayin, you really should've.

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  3. I agree with the Antique Archaeology answer, they love old signs. I think they could give you an honest answer, you're not buying or selling, just want an idea of it's value.

  4. 8 hours ago, Brocky said:

    Great pictures as usual, THANKS!!!  Was that an L model on the drop deck going around the corner??

    I could not tell what it was, never got a clear view of it, or a good picture either!

  5. 37 minutes ago, j hancock said:

    Nothing wrong with clipping coupons.  Don't lend the new straps to any of those steel haulers that you have shown pics of.


    They could come in real handy- I picked up 2 yesterday,  and I called Jeff and told him. They're $14.99 for one, or two for $15- that's like getting another one for a penny!

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  6. 13 hours ago, carlotpilot said:

    thanks for posting this tom thats just down the road from me & never been there, and happy belated bd

    Thank you. This was the first time i'd been there in probably 25 or 30 years. It used to be privately owned and very expensive, but now it's a national park and only costs $8 for an adult, very well worth it too.

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