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  1. I was kind of wondering that myself.
  2. I had a Homelite XL12 that was about that old, it was great saw, cut tons of firewood with it. I also had a bigger, much heavier Homelite, a 925 that I only used for bigger trees. Unfortunately, they were in the shed when...you know the rest of the story.
  3. Green Dash is pretty active on facebook, but I think he works nights.
  4. Yep, I drove three K 100's in the 80's, nice trucks, especially for a company truck in the day. They had deluxe interiors and big power. The first one I drove had a 350 Cummins, the last 2 had 400s. The last one also had an engine brake.
  5. I've been to several Guy M. Turner job sites over the years.
  6. Way back when, when I was young, when you cleaned your car- now known as detailing- we would use brake fluid on the tires to make them shine. One guy I knew was wiping his tires down with brake fluid on a rag, had the can of brake fluid and a can of beer sitting on the ground by the tire, picked up the wrong can and took a swig of the brake fluid. I don't know if he actually swallowed any of it before he spit it out, but he had a good mouth full of it, and it didn't kill him or anything.
  7. beautiful place you got Bob, especially the smokers, grills, and barbecue equipment!
  8. I did not get any pictures of any girls in any cars, so here's a picture of a girl in a car from the interweb. Looks like she might be in sunny Florida.
  9. I'm sure they would have, but they were off at some tractor pull.
  10. I brought that Kenworth home and washed it last week. Looked pretty good. Better than this GMC/Volvo I saw in Texas I think. I saw a crop duster dusting crops in Arkansas too. And this neat looking little yellow truck somewhere, I don't remember where it was. And a friend of my son went to a tractor pull somewhere, sent these pictures. Apparently he has excellent kodiakatronomy skills too.
  11. Excellent Bob, thanks for the pictures. Looks like that show just gets bigger and better every year.
  12. Well, being as the show apparently is today, and i'm leaving for Texas in just a few minutes, I will not be able to attend.
  13. can't say if I'll make it or not, if I happen to be in the Pittsburgh area on Friday it could happen.
  14. It's been a while but I haven't taken many pictures, and all i've got is corn and wimmens. I did write a caption on a picture I saw in the paper though. Nice looking corn in Indiana. A big Mack truck with a huge oversize load. A girl in a car. And here we have another girl in another car. I was stopped in traffic here, didn't know what was going on. I tried to zoom in with the camera to see if I could see what the issue was, but I got distracted. I saw a girl on her phone while she was getting gas, and i've hear
  15. Amber is not just a beauty, she's also very smart!
  16. I have to go look at Other Truck Makes now...
  17. " ...as Im getting older..." You too?!! WTF!🤣
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