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  1. Last time it snowed, back before Christmas, I had to clear the driveway with a round point shovel and a garden rake. That was a lot of work, so I went over to the feed store and bought me a grain shovel for the next time!
  2. I'm out of "like"s, but that is one of the funniest things i've ever heard!
  3. They should have headlights on cars that automatically come on when the wipers are on, or when it's foggy, or even- yes, when it's dark. I don't know what it is, but I see more and more cars driving after dark- and I mean well after dark, not when it's just "iffy", maybe I should turn my lights on now dark, I mean dark dark.
  4. Wow, that is neat. Looks like it's still in pretty decent shape too.
  5. Hat City recommended that I not sell it, so i'd have a summer place and a winter place. I am not a heat person at all, don't tolerate it well. But I am at a point where i'm thinking seriously about cutting back, not working so hard, life is short, i'm 62 now, gotta do what ya gotta do. I'd retire yesterday if I could, but the insurance is the thing, I need to work to keep my insurance because if you get sick or hurt you're screwed. I don't have much, but at least it's paid for. I need to make some serious decisions soon about what i'm going to do.
  6. Well, I actually got to go to sunny Florida this week! The N.B.Handy Co. has opened a branch in Davenport, Fl. They used to have a branch in Orlando and in Boca Raton too but they closed them. They said they're gonna supply the Davenport branch out of the Norcross, Ga. (Atlanta) branch, but they would have loads out of Lynchburg going there to get the warehouse fully supplied. I loaded on Thursday to deliver Monday, but of course I came home and fed the cat, cleaned the litter box, took a shower, and I was off. I got there Friday a little after noon, not expecting to get unloaded until Monday, but they unloaded me Friday. So I waited until the redhead got off from work, and she drove over from the other side of Orlando and picked me up.As I always do whenever i'm with her, I had a great time. I saw this serious looking bird on the way down. and a bird on a sign- I took a picture of this orange grove right across the road from N.B.Handy while I was waiting for her. I might have walked over and picked a few oranges too. Saturday we took a little drive over to Stuart, Fl. to see a BMT dignitary- Hatcity, a true legend. We went up rt. A1A when we left Stuart and stopped a few times to take pictures and look around. We saw some people on some horses. And a seagull on the beach. A big beach umbrella- A girl who stepped on a Lego- A couple walking on the beach- ...so, we stopped at another place and saw this little crab- and a big bird- Sunday morning we went for an airboat ride, saw lots of aminals... Then I had to leave, after having a great time, drinking great beer, eating great wings, and being with great people- ...and get back into the cold, the snow, the ice,..this is here, about an hour ago- bummer. I did see a big Mack truck or two yesterday though-
  7. ...and, in conclusion- I must be off. Might check out my Christmas present...
  8. The Winfall Santa and her hard working elf say Merry Christmas too!
  9. Well hello there NoClueJoe66!
  10. I rode down to Cumberland today to see my mother and other family members. I took a picture of a picture she has- it's an aerial view of the house, and it's where I grew up.My grandfather lived across the field you can see in the right side of this picture, and I was born in the house there- But the best thing is that you can see my Dad sitting in a chair in the building behind the house in the aerial photo. It had a shed over the front part, the rest was closed in, it had a loft too- and he built that building himself. When the state replaced the wooden flooring in the bridge over the Appomattox river near there, they gave him the old flooring and he used it to build a good part of that building.I can also remember when him and my grandfather built the two red buildings across the field. I wore these boots today- they're Texas brand boots that I bought at the old 76 Truckstop in Elkton, Md. in the early 80's. Pretty sure they were $39.95. Same boots i'm wearing in this picture, at the same house that's in the aerial photo- the little girl behind me is now married and has three kids! Oh, I also saw a big Mack truck on the way there. .
  11. I saw her when she caught that fish.
  12. They weigh between 9 and 10,000lbs. each. We haul the same coils there all the time. It might be legal, I don't know, but common sense tells me to use chains and corner protectors on mine.
  13. I picked up a new hat at the Walmart store I saw some wimmens in Winfall. An unsecured- as far as i'm concerned anyway- load of coils in Lynchburg. And a big Mack truck parked just up the road from here.
  14. Look for the redheaded Winfall correspondent from Florida there, she said she's going. I told her to take plenty of pictures. She said she will wear her BMT T-shirt.
  15. Sunrise... I shoveled the highway off so I could get out Monday- I saw a big Mack truck- ...and a big orange engine. and a big Mack truck. I also so more birds- ...and this mammal walking on 501 at Winfall the other day. I think she wanted a ride, but I didn't have time to stop.
  16. They have a Detroit powered forklift just like that at the shop. They seldom use it though, opting for the big red Taylor instead- just because it has brakes on it and the Clark doesn't.
  17. Oh yes, I absolutely believe that. I just don't know if they would actually respect Mr. Moore's wishes that he not get a truck that was made on Friday or Monday or if it was "you'll take what you get".
  18. Not quite, still about ankle deep!
  19. H.H.Moore always said that when he ordered a new truck he specified that he did not want one that was made on a Friday or a Monday. Whether or not that actually made any difference is anybody's guess.
  20. The snow is almost knee deep around here! I've been watching birds and mammals mostly- I did see a big Mack truck in Ambridge, Pa. A super size chain- Some big Mack trucks at the Keystone Tractor Museum. Some Winfall wimmens posing by the Winfall sign. Some big Mack trucks.
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