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  1. I hav- 1. I haven't seen much lately, so I haven't taken many pictures. I did see this B-model in Fairplain, WV. I took this picture of it from the Go-Mart across the road from it. Still looks nice, the paint's faded a bit since I took this picture of it right after they restored it. And how about this?..i'm wondering, could those be real?..probably not, but then there appears to be water in the vase, and there's no reason to water artificial flowers, so I just don't know. They look nice anyway. and, today is the third anniversary of when I barely avoided a majo
  2. Saw this unit in Roanoke the other day- Saw these hidden treasures in Roanoke too- I saw this on facebook, thought it was pretty funny- And when I was on the way home I saw this girl in Winfall. She claimed she had twisted her ankle and asked me if I would help her get her shoe off because it was too painful for her to drive with her shoe on. I informed her that- 1. I was not a doctor. 2. I did not have time.
  3. I saw this- oh, sorry, I forgot- 1.Does putting a number and a period in front of each item make a list official, or is it still an official list if you just list stuff without a number and period first? 2. Does this question count as one of my four items in my list? 3. I think i'll just do it the way i've always done it, seemed to work all right. 4. .
  4. Well, this week I- no, wait, here's my list- a list makes it easier to reply to a fake picture of a girl in a car with big fake boobs. And everybody loves boobage. 1. here's my thoughts- 2. A big blue water tower in Maysville, Ky. 2. 3.A big peach- 4.Nice truck I saw in Roanoke. 5. No list should have over 4 items. Sorry.
  5. The late, great Redd Foxx said "only two things smell like fish- and one of them's mackerel". Now Redd Foxx is no longer with us, so sadly, we may never know what the other thing is that he was speaking of.
  6. I would guess the fish is in the 2 1/2 to 3 lb. range.
  7. I heard that it weighed 39,000 lbs.
  8. I had to go to Waynesboro, Va. and load a high load on a double drop-deck trailer last week. First time i'd pulled one of them, and knew nothing about it. But don't worry they said, you won't have to break it down. The load was 11 and a half feets tall, then I found out that it had to be tarped- good thing I had some help, took 5 people to get that giant size tarp up there. Looks good there, but it was completely destroyed by the time I got to Augusta, Ky. with it. Then I had to go from Augusta to Dixon, Il. to pick up a lift coming back to Va. for the rigging co. that we moved
  9. I mean just my own pictures that I take, i'll resize them down to computer screen size, and crop out the dog peeing on a tire if I can😁
  10. I believe this to be true.
  11. Here's a blast from the past- that's me in the blue T shirt. The woman in the red top is holding my niece, and it's her first birthday...no, my niece's first birthday, not the woman in the red top. That's my daughter Karla with the juice box, and she's a grown ass woman now, like 40-ish, and the birthday niece has a child of her own and just turned 30. Time sure flies, eh? This old gray haired fellow is the same guy in the blue T shirt in the first picture. This was taken yesterday. OK, road picture- This is a plane- Persimmons, on the Blue Ridge Par
  12. Thanks Jim, yeah, she's OK. We only stayed a few minutes after that, the dog owner said the dog had all it's shots. She asked him if it was all right before she approached the dog and he said it was fine, he won't bite. But it bit her. I stopped at the first drug store I saw and we got some Neosporin to put on it.
  13. This B model has a mighty Detroit Diesel power plant under it's hood- Sharp MH- Always liked this little dump truck-
  14. Here's a link to the pictures that I took- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157711520590677
  15. She came up this weekend to go to the truck show in Colfax, N.C. and we hadn't been there 5 minutes when she got bit in the face by a dog. She wanted me to take her to the doctor, so I said OK, i'll just take a few pictures first. stupid dog.
  16. "A girl in a car"... can't go wrong with that, one of my favorite topics!
  17. I do the same thing, always edit and crop and resize, or change something.
  18. I have to go look and see his other stuff!
  19. I don't know, I don't remember, but i'm sure it was important. I didn't take notes because I didn't know there was going to be a test later.
  20. I noticed that too, but I think the trail was already there and there's a bug splat on the windshield right over the car, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary when I took the picture. It looks like the trail goes into the mandatory truck stop area in the picture before that one.
  21. They stopped having two of the local shows that I always took it to, the Toga Benefit, and the Stonewall Antique Power Show. The man that started the Toga Benefit, held at the Toga Volunteer Fire Depart in Toga, Va. to help people in the area that needed it most, passed away and nobody kept it going. And the man who held the Stonewall show passed away too, and nobody kept that going either. So for the most part, the mixer just sat, deteriorating. We all know the worse thing you can do is let a vehicle sit, unused. So when I needed to put a new roof on the house, and my ex needed a car aft
  22. Not a lot this week. I got one of the rare van loads, but I had to back into some tight spots with it. Seemed like every one was tighter than the last one. I had to go down the big 10 mph. hill into Uniontown. Got a ticket going down it running 17 mph. one time, probably in the 90's. Cost me over a hundred dollars then. It's just ridiculous, you don't have to go into Hopwood now, and about everything has an engine brake. I was empty, and I was empty when I got that ticket. I saw this car in Grayson, Ky. I thought it was pretty neat looking. Nice lo
  23. I remember some butt-hole named Chris Sissick came on here one time and gave Mark ( vision386 ) a hard time for posting one of his pictures of a Mack. I remember him, because he had a picture of an F.L. Moore truck parked at a truck stop in N.J. on Hank's site. Hank said you could use the pictures for your own use or educational purposes, just not to post them on facebook or your own website.
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