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  2. The company I work for has been buying M2 106's is great numbers for about 8 years now, most Cummins ISB powered with Allison 3000 series transmissions. Our drivers like them, big cab, great visibility, tight turning radius, easy to get in and out of, decent HVAC. As far as reliability is concerned the Freightliner parts are fine, most common problems seem to be the coolant surge tanks and an occasional radiator. Cummins emissions and aftertreatment devices are by far the bulk of the trouble. We have since 'graduated' to the M2 112, similar spec. but with the Cummins/Westport ISL-G. Those trucks have been nearly trouble-free. We would probably give International a shot if they offered the ISL-G or some other CNG engine as an option. We are pretty much done with diesel. Freightliner has come a long way in medium duty since the FL 50/60/70. Those trucks were piles.
  3. Had this old Chamberlain longer, it was the first tractor I had with a cab, there a Australian brand that got bought out by John Deere in the 70's I think it was They were the most popular tractor sold in Australia for some years from the 70's - the 80's Paul
  4. As a bloke who has spent more of his life in a tractor seat than a truck seat I reckon one of the best value tractors is the 86 series International This one I have had for many many years and its still going strong Have rebuilt both boxes and the front axle over the years but it still goes good and will work a full day with out missing a beat Paul
  5. Since there is a forum here for tractors, thought I'd post a couple pics of mine. This is what kills the depression of having to run new trucks. The 2013 Kubota is what I do all my mowing, snow blowing and bush trail building and maintenance with on my property. Great little tractor. It's done more work than it was ever designed to do, including hauling 330 tons of pit run gravel up these hills to build roads, one bucket at a time. And then last year I wanted to get into antique tractors and maybe do some pulling at the local fairs, so I bought this 1955 Allis Chalmers CA. I'm as of yet undecided if I should leave it in it's 64 year old working clothes, or give it a pretty restoration. I like old tractors done either way. It is nice to see them shiny and new, but there is something to be said for a tractor that has worked way longer than anything new will ever live. Just like with trucks....I love old technology. I KNOW that old tractor will start, run and work every day I need it.
  6. DS production ran from 1983 to 1987, when the last “Driver Cab” fitted Autocar rolled off the line in Ogden, Utah.
  7. Na you don''t need to see the road in the middle east, you just run over everyone and keep going
  8. I was stuck like that with the Mack I drove in the eighties , Took a KW wrecker to wrecker to get it out ,just barely. Slid into a backfilled utility ditch,truck went down to the bottom edge of the door ,tires completly under mud.
  9. Do you have the part number for the install tool for conicals? I never knew they had one other than the pull thru. Is the push thru easier to use?
  10. '83 R686 with a e6-300. When driving and trying to maintain a constant speed, say 50mph, the engine is constantly "hunting" or surging. Linkage/ Throttle arm look good and feel ok. I removed the governor assembly from the pump and disassembled it, nothing seemed abnormal or wore out. Is there anything in particular i should look for? The gear that drives the governor has what looks to be a slip clutch on it, What is the proper way to set it? The truck idles ok and pulls good with plenty of power, its just hard to drive due to the surging and it gets worse with light to no load on the engine. The pump is an American Bosch type APE6bb110T6978. Thanks, Jim
  11. Thay may stop make n Mack but they will never get m off the road they will B around for ever .................. or a bit longer LOL
  12. Usually, but not a hard rule. I would expect high 4.XX to the mid 5.XX ratio in the rears.
  13. yeah this is a heavy heavy truck. but does that usually mean that the rear ratio is super low?
  14. Looks like a Neway AD-246 suspension which is heavy, and Rockwell Standard axles.
  15. hummm okay. I thought it might be a bit strange. Ive seen new differentials with core exchange for 750 is it possible to drop new diffs in are they interchangeable or will I need to get all new axels?
  16. So that was Volvo White era then. What year did those come out?
  17. Sounds a little strange to be triple framed, 54K rear and have air ride. Definitely a special spec truck if it is. That heavy spec it will be geared low, maybe 60mph max.
  18. it could be of what ive seen of it this is the closet looking suspension to what it has.
  19. Kinda has that 1940’s Chevy grill shape to me. The way the soccer moms drive you would think they was driving something like that
  20. The few R models I've seen with Detroit's, have had the Farr air cleaner on them. Looks like a neat piece Mike. Wanna call Adelmans and see what they want for the two Superliners I posted?
  21. Okay thank you. I need to get down and look at it personally and see what its got but i believe its got the 12 speed mack trans in it. and its a four bag rear suspension set up if that helps at all.
  22. I'll see if I can get my daughter to take a video,but not til I get the dual 4 in.straight pipes on it
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