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  2. They where made local here in Harrisburg, Pa. idk if they where made other places or not. My scrapper buddies have one with a v8 air cooled deutz.
  3. This is only one of three Diamond Reo’s I have seen operating in St. Louis, the other two are tandem axles set up as a dump and block truck.
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  5. I would love to know the year and specs on the FT 800/900 roll off. I have never seen those badges on the cowl sides. The steel hood makes it a pain in the ass to work on the engine
  6. So is that "Level 1" or "Level 2" interior? Or didn't Mack offer 3 levels in early Cruiseliners?
  7. Looking for a maxidyne emblem for the 90 RD690S. I know there as rare as woodpecker lips .
  8. I thought I rembered you where from philly area. I’m from about 40 miles north of Harrisburg along the Susquehanna river.
  9. The new version is on the way but nothing better than the original style.
  10. Mike, do you still have the super shiny black Cruiser or did you send it down the road?
  11. Boy! Talk about a day at the beach! Even brought a caravan with him
  12. Have you checked the fill plug on the pass. side again? Is the level going down slowly as it fills the axle housing? It may take a few minutes for gear oil to get to where it needs to be.
  13. Thanks for the update, always nice to hear how things turn out. There are some real knowledgeable people here. terry
  14. I think everybody changed them to suit themselves. terry
  15. JoeH

    Engine stand

    Havertown is 20 or so miles from me, not quite my back yard but if you're from out of state then yes, you were certainly out my way!
  16. I had to delete some images in my old posts to get avalible room for new ones. The most of those which looked important were not deleted but resized to tiny scale. But that involved some job and doesn't lean me to posting much in the future. Just one more thing you have to track in your mind.
  17. Hi I 2008 mack mp8 with 650000 having problems with regen issues have no fault codes active for engine . Have new vgt actuator new egr valve check 7th injector is flow test found at 8lpm checked the diff pressure sensor check port found ok . Check the intake manifold pressure sensor found ok boost pressure sensor found ok. I perform regen on process the engine is start to surging at 12000 rpm the exhaust temp 1 is 300 temp 2 250 temp 3 220 any idea what this wrong
  18. If your hitting 33 psi of boost then it’s probably not a derate issue due to emissions emissions. Good running MP engines run 33 to almost 40 psi boost. I’ll message for more info.
  19. no,that was the standard interior for the Cruiseliner
  20. Ever get any answers? I'm having a very similar problem
  21. On the other side of that one is the 8341 spicer I was going to run with it.
  22. Not exactly sure what it is other then an Eaton. the tag is missing on that one. Has a #2 bellhousing, think it’s a 14” single disc clutch, was out of a f800 I think. Had a 5.9 in front of it. Was going to use with my 8.3 until I found the rto6613
  23. all the R models I ever saw were down, most every B model was down but I have seen some factory pics of B models with the handles horizontal also
  24. Really hoping someone can help me solve this problem because I've lost faith in my Mack dealer and we have dumped A LOT of money into this truck already! I'll try to give as much information as possible but if I miss something feel free to ask. Truck is a 2016 CHU613 with an MP8 505HP 18spd. We bought the truck 5 months ago with just over 100,000 mi. The truck was a repo unit owned by a local bank and was set to go to auction but we ended up buying it before that happened. Now the problem, truck has what seems to be a good amount of power in low range, but in high range (or at highways speeds) you can mash the pedal and the truck won't move out of it's own way. On a fairly good size incline at 65mph with an empty 48ft flatbed, the truck can't even maintain it's speed, let alone accelerate. My 05 Pinacle with an 18spd will accelerate up the same hill pulling a 40,000 lb load. The truck idles smooth and runs great at low speeds, checked the boost gauge yesterday on local roads and its showing around 33psi at full throttle This truck has been to the dealer twice, it had some minor oil leaks and they replaced a bunch of gaskets (not quite sure which ones because our shop mechanic has the write up) and they've replaced all of the injectors and injector cups. They also said the truck may have been "derated" because the EATS was throwing fault codes and the truck was not going into regen. After many failed attempts by the dealer, they were able to finally force a regen, but the performance is the same. We are at almost $20,000 in dealer charges and the truck still has no top end power! I'm at a loss, and we've dumped so much money into this paperweight that getting rid of it is not an option. To date we have pulled 4 loads with this truck, PLEASE HELP!
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