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Mack LJ? with Sleeper


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This guy in Tennessee has an old LJ(?) with a sleeper, that's a rare truck. The ad is a couple of months old so I don't know if it's still available. No price on the trucks.



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23 hours ago, chillywilly said:

 I hurried on up there 150 miles to claim the prize and left deflated. I am no expert, but it appeared to have been painted 10-20 yrs ago with red primer over the already rusting cab as an attempt to preserve it. It is a huge project for a deep pocketed true believer, and could it could be done. My old man had about 5 of these exact, I assume they were gas converted to diesel. In our back yard we played on them along with the sleeper Autocars for many years, and then my Mother demanded they be removed. At about 14yo, in 1969,  I was told to cut them up, and I did with an elderly worker holding the water hose. The gas engines / blocks lingered on for a while lying about. The A -model, H-model, and the others are a bit better shape. I did not even try to view the LJ engine since there was no way for me. The interior is extremely rusty and beyond anything useful. I think they are a collection of an old time truck man that never could find a way to restore....I exited quickly to hide my tears without conversing....I thought I had found my white whale. 

It's really sad when a truck gets that rusty...sometimes it can't be helped but other times they're just neglected when they should be fixed or sold.

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That sucks just spotted this. Still looking for excuses not to go outside and cut weeds but yes just from the photograph it looks real tired we would all like to restore all of them but yes, in a lot of cases they’re just too far gone.

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