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B61 NOS Headliner


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Ugh...how bad I need this.  I'm currently taping mine back together enough to install it again.  I want to do a pleated version.  Shipping would kill the deal for me.

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There's make an offer option in the ad. Also the seller may be count out with some efforts for a straight deal to avoid e-bay commission. And I belive there's a bunch of BMT guys out there in NH so there's a chance someone would help picking that headliner up and bring to a truck show or send by ocassion. Just thoughts. $750 doesn't sound as for free but on the other hand purchase would solve a problem if such one exists.

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I must have made the best offer (25% off price) and ended up with it. I'm now trying to figure out how to install. The headliner is one piece and comes down to just below the rear window. It looks like it attaches using the two black panels that came with it. They have part numbers that are listed in the parts book as: Support, Inside Header Top Panel, right and left. These two pieces have creases and look like they fold along with speed nuts that line up with the holes in the headliner. Anybody familiar with how it attaches? Thanks.


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